Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sedalia, MO

Hello Everyone!

I hope this Sunday has been wonderful for you. I found myself waking up to a 4:15am wake-up call and on the shuttle to the airport by 5am this morning. I was flying out from Missouri and it was early. I am back at home now and everyone is always ready to see momma!

I just wanted to offer a praise report and thank you so much for your prayers! All the events this past month - September - went really well. He showed up so BIG and just knocked our socks off! Thank you, Lord!

This weekend was an all weekend kind of retreat. I can not describe in words how heavy the Spirit was upon us especially in the second session on Saturday. It was incredible. Then as we were ending the third session that afternoon we had one salvation and many, many , many women just cry out to the Lord and beg to go to a deeper level with Him. I am not sure I have ever seen anything like it and I do hope that I can say that again and again all my life! Humbling to be even a tiny part of all that He is doing!

I want you to know there was some major "dealing" God had to do on me before I could even get on the plane for Missouri. God and I "dealt" and I know that is part of the reason He showed up in such a big way. Ladies, if He is calling you to do something, apologize, get a relationship right, quit a habit, break a stronghold.........whatever it is - DO IT!!! There is nothing better than to be in right relationship with Him and then watch Him work with pure and passionate eyes!! It is and was beautiful!!

Thank you Lord!!! You are more than enough and yet all I need!

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