Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2nd Blog today - Cut it out!

Hey - I just wanted to post a response I had already had from a few very well meaning friends. In a very nice way they suggested I was taking things a little far, I was going a bit to extreme, that possibly I was not hearing Him right. I do respect those thoughts and I do respect their opinion and prayed it through.

Am I being extreme? Have I lost my mind? Good question - how long will this last? Have I taken things a little too far? Am I not hearing right??

The Lord immediately reminded me of the scripture in Exodus or it might be Deut. - don't have my Bible right in front of me - where Moses was told to show the power of God and to hit the rock or speak to the rock - I forget which way it was right then... it had been both ways a time before. Anyway, Moses, even after all he had done for the Lord, and leading the people everywhere, receiving the commandments, all that amazing stuff God did through him, and even having God pass by Him - God said he would not enter into the Promised Land because he disobeyed and did not do exactly as God had asked. God is soooooooooooooooo serious about our obedience and I had rather err on the side of extreme obedience than to err on the side of not taking God serious enough and just kind of laughing it off! I want to enter my Promised Land!!

God just this past weekend showed me so powerfully the blessing of obedience with the deal of me having to offer an apology to a friend and then Him gracing our presence in such an awesome way at the retreat in Missouri!!! That is not coincidence either having just experienced that! I know He is showing me some great stuff.... 1) He is serious about obedience
2) He will bless obedience! even with His presence!!

So Lord - extreme I may be and if so lead me off the ledge! But I will follow You!

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Elizabeth Brown said...

Hey Leigh!
I don't think you are being extreme at all! From my experience, There have been times when I felt like what I sensed God telling me was extreme. But, when I'd go forward and obey, despite my discomfort, I've always looked back with no regrets for leaning towards the "extreme". Have a wonderful day :-)