Thursday, October 05, 2006

He Sees Me Holy

Oh Lord, I am really getting a late start today. I stayed up really late last night talking with me cousin, Heather in Nashville, on the phone. It was great to hear all going on in her life and to compare notes on how we view our family. We concluded we have been blessed with an incredible legacy and now God seems to be doing something through the younger Hargis'. There is a revival going on in the Hargis clan! Watch out generations of the past, we come to set the world on fire for Him!

Anyway - my QT this morning was quite deep. Beth Moore was talking much about how much debate there is with whether Belshazzar was really a ruling king at any time. It was great, but pretty deep. But there are 2 things that are not leaving my mind today.
1) What am I doing to make His Name famous!
2) Do I treat myself as holy?

So what am I doing to make His Name famous? I am speaking and writing and that kind of stuff. But I think the real stuff comes down to everyday living. As I am driving down the road and one sees the "fish" on my car are they thinking wow, good driver and praise God. Or am giving them reason to think less of God because of my rude gestures or frowns (SMILEPLZ) or whatever! As I talk with friends about this and that, do I give them reason to praise the Lord? (I cannot think of it right now, but there is even a scripture that says, "and they praise God because of me.") When I meet with my Sassy Singles, as I call them, do they leave wanting to get closer to Him or do they leave feeling defeated and as if they can never be good enough or "arrive". As frustrations, problems, conflicts, and blessings come my way do I cause one to see Him up close because of the praise due His name and given to His name? Do I make Him famous? But the kicker is really inside the walls of my house! Do my kids see a mom that is striving after the Lord and not neglecting their needs and wants and desires? Do they see parents loving on each other making them want to fall in love one day too - continuing on the marriage legacy started so long ago - all glory to His name? Can they see me disciplining with mercy and grace giving a correct representation of my God's mercy and grace? Can I make His name famous? Lord, allow all I do to bring fame to Your Name!!!!!!!

And do I treat myself as holy? Last night the video was discussing how Satan will take the holy - Christians - and treat as unholy or persuade us to treat ourselves unholy. The way we dress, the thoughts we allow to fill our minds, the movies we watch, the games we play, the extent of food we eat, the friends we will be intimate, in a friend kind of way, with......... just corruption. God Almighty has sealed me with His ownership and sees me as holy. Exodus 31 ( I think) states, "Be holy as I Am holy." The Holy Spirit resides in me and how am I treating Him within me and the vessels in which He chose to live? How do I treat myself as unholy? What lies do I buy in to that become ferocious untruths I adopt? What does my dress represent? What have I allowed to be desecrated? Can I be a vessel He can deliver a blessing in? That was the best question to me last night. Do I deliver Your blessings? I have always dreamed of one day having enough money to send whomever and whenever flowers at the drop of a hat. I love to surprise people and I love to bless others. I guess because I know how much I love it myself!

So Lord - do I make Your name famous and do I treat myself as the holy vessel that You see? I know that if I treat myself the way You view me then I would be making Your name famous! I love you Lord!

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