Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You must cut that out!

Daniel 4:27 Therefore, O king, be pleased to accept my advice: Renounce your sins by doing what is right, and your wickedness by being kind to the oppressed. It may be that then your prosperity will continue."

Wow, Lord, you have already started speaking to me about idols and it is starting in my Daniel study. I guess this whole nation and idea was about one big worship of many idols in the book of Daniel. Usually self, but also a few statues as well. I was thinking you would address this idol issue more with me after the Daniel study, but I now recognize how you want nothing standing between You and I not even for a moment. Thank you for this reprimand You have placed before me and let me say first - Forgive me! Make me clean and make me whole. Thank you!

Sometimes to understand how You work in my life it is best for me to go in reverse. I have been feeling like you were telling me to give up going out to eat at lunch or even with the kids. I have tired to cut down or ..................., but I find myself right back in the same ol' same ol' pattern. I think for anyone else this is no problem at all, but for some reason I feel the Lord telling me this is an idol and you must quit. I think it has to do with spending so much money as well and knowing it does not please Clay. He has never said anything, but this is just what I feel like He is telling me.

As I continue down this road of reverse - I just asked the Lord last night to speak directly to me about this situation as I downed the last piece of pizza order from Papa John's. Beth Moore asked if there was anything in our lives that the Lord was telling us to cut off, not even have a hint of it in our lives anymore. You, Lord Jesus, immediately hit me with out to eat lunches and eating out with the kids when there is no reason other than laziness when I don't want to cook. (This whole issue seems so trivial and immature and just so basic - obviously I needed to go back to the basics! Kind of embarrassing, Humble walk with the Lord, Micah 6:8) Even yesterday as I felt this conviction in my heart I was thinking/justifying we will work on this next week. Sin always says, "Start on Monday or at very best, Later!" Clay is out of town and I have a lunch already planned with friends today at no less than Olive Garden - my favorite! Lord, You never wait around until a more convenient time to discuss sin or to deal with it. So as You have had planned form the beginning of time, it is no coincidence or mistake that I received this lesson today!

As Daniel is telling King Nebby up above in the scripture - Renounce and start doing what is right. My heart is screaming - please Lord just today, can I just have today to have Olive Garden. And I feel You as if you are sitting next to me saying gently - Renouce and start doing what is right! I hear You Lord! Loud and clear and still so gently! So as I close the book for today, I am thinking about that lasagna or whatever.... But I will be content with tea and free breadsticks and watching my friends down my favorite salad of all time. I know this is what You are asking and You could not be anymore clear! I chose to obey! Love you so!

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