Monday, October 09, 2006

And when you............

We had another great day in Sunday School, Lord Jesus. It seems like our teacher must put in hours and hours in his lessons, and yet still makes them simple enough for me to still ponder days later. That is really good by my standards. The preaching yesterday was out of this world too. No fluff, no stories, no shopping for scripture, none of that stuff - just down right good old preaching with tons of passion. I love that about Livengood. He FEELS it! Praise You, Lord! A great and awesome day in Your house!

Well, yesterday we talked about "And when you fast". This is a topic that I think is ignored by many Christians and especially those that are not very far along in their faith. Or actually something that is ignored by many in the faith no matter what "level" you are at and for various reasons. Fasting is not something that is preached about very often if at all and it is something that I think scares Americans to death. Having to actually deprive ourselves of something - no way! But Wayne discussed in such a way yesterday that made you want Him to call you to fast or be excited for the next desperation in your life to make you want to cry out to Him and fast. He moves during those times and it is astounding.

The quote yesterday that hit home was "You don't fast because you are spriritually mature, you fast to become spiritually mature." Wayne stated yesterday we view fasting as something the weirdos do or something the giants in the faith do. But then again many of those thoughts are assumptions because you just don't hear about anyone doing a fast. It is such a humble thing and something Christ asks us to do in the "dark" that you just don't hear many speaking about it. I have heard Becky Tirabassi speak one time and I actually have taught on fasting in my Training Little Ladies class series. I am sure my preachers have preached on it, but I just don't remember.

Fasting is not to be used as the silver bullet, but at the same time there is a power and an urgency in fasting that I can not explain. It is in those times of fasting that I really sense His power and feel Him move in me like none other. I love to be in the midst of a fast and then go to a worship service. It is if I can feel the breath of God blow against my face and can smell the aroma of Christ. I just don't "feel" that any other time - well, not really. Maybe that is my fault, but I believe it has to do with fasting!

This is one of those things one has to be lead to fast and has to experience for themselves. In the Bible there was only mention of food fasts. Today we have many distractions that we could take from our focus on Him, or fast from. TV, music, magazines, candy, meats, sweets, etc..... But I have to say nothing makes me really appreciate the sacrifice of Christ like I do than when I do a food fast. It really speaks volumes to my body and in turn that speaks to my head/heart! I do feel that He will confirm a 40 day fast in me some day, but until then I will continue as He leads in smaller fasts and time spent seeking out Him in desperation! I am desperate for You!

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