Friday, October 06, 2006

Update on the Gray's - long

This morning I just want to take the time to update my journal on the family I live with. We seem to be going pretty fast these days and I forget to fill in my calendar of things going on or cute things the kids say or whatnot! So, I will just quickly give an update of what is going on.

Elleigh is my almost 3 year old. She is VERY talkative and much more than her age should allow. She is not shy at all and will go to any stranger. She is in 3 year old preschool and ruling the class. Being the baby of the family I guess means you are the boss of your class. I think her best buddy in there is Noel. I know Noel's family and they are great people. Elleigh keeps up with the older girls with no problem. She actually is not crazy about playing with kids her own age because she has always had older sisters. Good thing she is the youngest in her class. Elleigh is very dramatic and has tender feelings. She is a carbon copy of Emmajoy, but with a bit more spunk and energy. Elleigh's talking is hilarious as she reasons in her mind so that none can understand - at least her reasoning! She is fun and a lovebug! She is our newest drama queen as the 3's have hit. She is crazy about baby dolls and dogs.

Sarahjane, now 5 years old, and in 5 year old preschool (wink wink - she refuses to call it 4 year old preschool even though most of her classmates are 4) has blossomed so much this summer and this fall I almost wonder why I didn't send her on to kindergarten. She has gotten very kind in her speech, she is riding her bike, she is liking school and writing her name all the time, she loves to color and actually tries to keep up with Emmajoy now. In the past she would just give up before even trying out of frustration. Sarahjane too is very tender and actually probably the most of all of the girls - she just hides it well. You have to work for her love, but she is ready to devote herself to you if she sees you will too. She is a one friend girl. Sarahjane is very athletic and not much musical ability! She is a sweet, sweet thing and such a great mommy's helper! She craves Tucker's attention more than any of them, but the least likely to receive it. The thing hard about SJ is that she does those things deliberately that will harm her or destroy something or just foolish decisions. Well it maybe not deliberately, but she is always drawn to those situations! She is very into her clothes - that NEVER match - and is all about some good tv.

Emmajoy is doing very well in school. She excels the most in math, but loves to read and draw. She is our artistic one and that is quite funny. It had to be from genes on down the line than Clay and I. My mom and dad draw a little bit, not sure about Clay's family. Emmajoy's voice is developing beautifully and her voice coach says to keep up the training - for what, I am not sure. I don't want a Jessica Simpson, but would love a choir girl! Emmajoy loves to play outside, but I am not sure she will ever love sports. She does like tennis and tries to wack the ball as hard as possible (wonder where she gets that quality), but I am not sure she will ever love it. Emmajoy is very kind and loving and just amazes me in her comments. She truly is proud for people and not a jealous bone in her most of the time. Emmajoy is a bit of a space cadet and has no clue there are best friends in life. She thinks that everyone is friends and that is the best. Great philosophy! I would say that while Emmajoy looks older than she is, she probably is a bit immature for her age. She still enjoys babies and those kinds of things. Emmajoy is a great friend and her daddy's little girl - of course they all are! Emmajoy will still "die" on the smallest hill and has the ability to fall to pieces over the menial things in life - her sock being scruntched in her shoe!!

My Tucker - rescue hero of the house! Tucker and I butt heads more than I ever thought we would. He is a perfectionist and that bugs my no details, just go with it, not much bothers me kind of personality. Even last night when he was pitching I thought the inning would never end because how slow and precise and meticulous he is on the mound. He got his name moved yesterday for talking and it just about crushed him. (I was kind of proud of him for opening his mouth at school. They need to know he can talk.) We have the rule of getting spankins and sent to your room for misbehavior. There was no way I could punish Tucker in that way for getting his name moved. He got out of the carpool car just about crying because this. He viewed himself as a failure and I had to give him the "you will not be and are not perfect" so come off the ledge and live again. Bless his heart. Tucker is so conscious of everything around him and deeply intense. I guess he is all Clay because I would never consider myself intense. I am very observant, but that is it. Tucker is going through a time of trying to find out if he is the man. He is and I think he knows that, but needs to be reassured often. At this stage of his life he wants to do what is right and actually is a rule follower to the "nth" degree, but wants to push the boundaries all the way until I nearly break. It is hard and frustrating! He is a very, very good kid and I am so blessed to be his momma as I am with all of them. Tucker is the most athlectically gifted (at this point). He is easy to coach because he is good listener and quick thinker in the field. He is a very hard worker and loves to practice. He is setting a good example for the girls!

Clay and I are doing very well. I am not sure we have ever been closer in our marriage. I never knew my love could grow so much for someone and keep growing. On the wedding day it is hard to imagine your love could grow any deeper and yet that was actually very superficial in comparison. And then I think of those that have been married 40 and 50 even 60 years. Now I am back to superficial. The greatest change in Clay over the years is his walk with the Lord. There is a fire about him to stay close to the Lord and to stay in His will. He is consistent in his quiet time and eager to talk about things of the Lord. Clay is a great daddy and a super hard worker. Clay is one you would want on your team because he will give it his all and strive for perfection - sounds like his son?

I am still doing the same old thing. Wifing, mommying, speaking, writing, learning, friending, all that stuff. I wish I could see change in myself - to know whether I am growing in Him or not. Clay says when one is so introspective everyday and then journals about it as well, it will be hard to see growth because you are with yourself and pondering your "movements" so much. Wouldn't it be great if God sent us a letter and said, "doing great. making good changes. change things here just a bit, but I like what I see." I think that will forever be my heartbeat - to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant". So, that is about all for today. Lord, can I deliver a blessing from You to someone today? Be just thrilled to be used in that way today. My event in Nashville was postponed because of a charter founding member died suddenly on the "procedure" table. Can you imagine the impact this man must have had on this church? Not even a minister or paid employee and yet they are stopping the whole church calendar so that all can pay their last respects to this man and his family. And this is a huge mega church like mine. This is not a small country church where this would be not that much "trouble". Wow - what a man, one I think I would have liked to known! What a way for God to end your life and then celebrate it!

Please bring Clay safely home to us for a few days and then he is off again, but only for like 2 days! I love you, Lord. Keep revealing Your next plans for all of us! May we be found faithful!

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