Wednesday, December 13, 2006

202 posts - Only Half Good

Good Morning Lord Jesus, I am "slap wore out" as we say in the South or my momma says "I am just sick and tired". We had Emmajoy's birthday party last night at Build a Bear and it was quite an experience. Wow, those little girls can scream and just be so silly. I loved it and Emmajoy loved it even more. Only by a pure miracle we were able to get her a Baby Alive and it was only $35. She was so pumped. I wonder if she will ever outgrow babies. She is such a momma.

My verse in Hosea that impressed my heart this morning was verse 8. "Ephraim mixes with the nations; Ephraim is a flat cake not turned over." A flat cake not turned over is like saying it is only 1/2 good. There is some goodness about the people or nation, but an equal portion that is no good and quite useless to God. The Lord even speaks many times in the New Testament about being lukewarm. That is something He greatly detests and something that makes Him vomit. Yikes, that speaks volumes to me.

To a brand new Christian being faithful to going to church is a big step, but for one that has been following the Lord for any larger amount of time, going to church should be a basic that is without question. Not only does the Lord draw you into a deeper relationship just because of who He is, but we also strive for a deeper relationship as a responsibility of Him saving us from our dreadful and sure end. So along the same line the quiet time should be a normal occurrence as well. God, how many times i have been the one riding the fence? Maybe i have not been so divided on my quiet time, but my heart - and isn't that the real issue anyway... I may have been the one to have the actions, but my heart may be full of disrespect, sin, and fence riding capabilities. Now what good is that - none!!!

Lord Jesus - I don't want to be just half good to You. I want to have an undivided heart and one that is willing to go the whole way with you not teetering from side to side. I want a Yes Sir kind of attitude and one that is excited to obey. I want to treat others around me in a way that draws them closer to You and certainly not causes them to repel of worse rebel. Jesus, convict me on my 1/2 good ways. Forgive me for a lukewarm heart and one that makes You want to vomit. Oh Lord, I just hate to think that my actions would make You want to get sick and be repulsed! Lord, change me, make me, mold me, use me, and take me! I want to be all Yours. I love you!

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