Tuesday, December 19, 2006

206 - Light Breaking Thru

Wow - what a day yesterday. I took the big kids to their last day of school at HGBCS. It was a great day, full of parties and surprises, but still very hard. The hardest part was hugging Gingee good-bye again!! We all shed tears this time! Then i took Tucker to say good-bye to Roger in the FLC and that was really hard too.

We got out of school early and ran some errands. About the time we got home and settled into packing more boxes the phone rang and we needed to go pick up Jackson to come over and play. As we were driving back up to the house my phone rang and someone was outside the house to see everything. OH my word - the house was a pig sty just because of all the packing. So i quickly picked up - yeah right - and moved the kids out the door to go to our park. As we were coming back the phone rang again for the house to be shown again!!!! Yee-haw!!!!!!! Seriously i was excited to show the house 2 times, but it still needed a good once over! This time I had 30 minutes. At least i got some good smells waifing throughout! Oh Jesus - please give us an offer we can work with. Even if it something we can not work with that would be encouraging. I am still believing and praying and waiting in expectation.

Today we have a dentist appointment and then the search for more boxes............... Then Tisha is bringing over some pizza for us. Yeah!! How sweet.

Oh yeah - as we drove up yesterday to get out of the car at the house we noticed the front gate was open. There were no signs of Maye Maye. She was gone, her dog house was gone, there were no traces of her anywhere. A robber must have come in a gotten and taken her away. That is my story and I am sticken to it. The kids now want a cat. It is amazing how quickly they can move onto to another "love". We will miss Maye Maye.

Last night our relatively new neighbors had me and the kids over for ice cream. It was awesome - Clay is out of town. The kids were great. Their house is quite a museum so that made me a little uneasy with SJ. She has been over there to visit so often that she knows the house like her own. It was gorgeous. She would just disappear and Mr. Jack seem to know where to find her. He got out the trombone for the kids to play - we just had a blast. We never left the kitchen table - i just love that. Mr. Jack and we call her Mrs. Jack, even though her name is Judy, have a wonderful philosophy of life. He said they want to look back at the end and be able to say - I want to do that all over again. So every day is a gift and they are going to live it to the fullest. These are people that lost everything in Katrina! Beautiful historic home, teaching career at Tulane - everything. The would have never moved from New Orleans!!!!!!!! Never!! I am going to miss them terribly. Great people and it has been a blessing to know them just this long. My kids have certainly benefited as well.

So after that long recap - I have gotten into Hosea already this morning. Hosea 10 has some light breaking through the horrible past. Verse 11 states that the Lord will take hold of Israel once again and make them do as they are suppose to. I love that. Knowing that God will at one point take me and MAKE me do the right thing - oh please, do it every day. I think i could live much better as a puppet than person. But praise You for your grace and mercy, You allow us to be real and alive and living! Verse 12 you implore the people to sow righteousness and reap fruit. The encouraging thing about that verse is that there has to be fertile ground before something can grow or be sown. So the potential is there - He sees potential in all of us. He can all grow some righteousness - Lord, do it in me.

The last part of the verse that really speaks volumes to me is the part that says "break up your unploughed ground for it is time to seek the Lord." What part of my heart is hard and unploughed? What part of my heart needs to be worked over and made useful? What part of my life needs a gardeners hand to make a turn around? Lord, show me. I am so very open to Your ways and Your convictions and Your working in my life. I want to be a fertile ground You can use. Do whatever You need to do to make that happen. Lord, with all my heart, if You never allowed me to do another thing in ministry again - it would really be hard, but i could accept that. I turn all my wants, dreams, expectations, etc. over to You. I want to do things Your way even if that means an end to what i know now. Only You know. I don't feel like an end is coming, but that You are asking me to be accepting of that. Yes, but yes it would be hard. I love ministry.

About 9 months ago i went into a holding pattern in ministry. I was not networking and marketing as i had done before. Lord, You brought me all kinds of opportunities. I loved every minute of it, but I missed doing what i feel like i am best at as far as the business side of things. Now i am at the end of that commitment. I am ready to begin again and see even more things You can do. I have a commitment for the money to become a non-profit, Praise the Lord, I have met with an accountant to get the business side of it, and have contacted a lawyer to see what is next... I need Your peace to continue on. Lead me Lord, guide me, and give me great vision and clarity. I am ready, but am I ready? Make me ready. I am ready to follow. I love you. May You light begin to Break Thru!

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