Wednesday, December 20, 2006

207 - The end is getting closer

Oh Lord - wow, it is just about here - the end. I took the girls yesterday to meet my parents half way so that i could come back and pack pack pack. Ugh!!! Big boxes, where can i find them??? Tisha was so awesome to come over and bring us pizza. Since i no longer have a kitchen table, sold that too, we sat at the bar and on the floor. I think Elleigh spilled her drink 3 times. Not used to having your feet at your throat and trying to drink!! Ugh!! But it was great and so very sad as well. More tears! We are going to try to meet up in Nashville for a Beth Moore deal.

Not sure what today holds. I was suppose to go visit with my friend from Proverbs, Wendy. But her kids have come down with the flu. Valarie has offered to come over tomorrow and help me clean up the house one last time before everything is moved. Like bathrooms, that kind of stuff. I would not normally want anyone to help clean my bathrooms - gross - but she has been so sweet to insist on helping with something. Friends - i hope i am a good friend. I have trouble even thinking of things to do - i mean it just doesn't come naturally to think of such kind things.

Hosea 11 - getting ever better. This whole chapter is like explaining how to raise a child. You do and do and do for them and they never appreciate it and many times will turn their back on you in rebellion. Exactly the case with Israel. But verse 8 explains that He could never give up on them. Oh how i love that. My God will never give up on me. Thank you Jesus. You will allow my the consequences of my sin and disobedience to fall my way, but You will not allow me to be destroyed or crushed. In verse 9 You remind us that You are not man, You are God. It explains that you will exude compassion and certainly not turn on us or them.

How many times have i myself written someone off for their waywardness or gross disobedience? I am convinced there is no use. We could never change them or they will never come around. It reminds me of the 75 year old lady that just came to know the Lord at one of my recent events. I wonder how many had written her off. I wonder how many said she was a hopeless cause or a waste of time - she will never come around. We, I, can never be that way or talk that way again! Forgive me Lord of the times i have given up on someone!

It is all about judging. We are not the judges, Leigh Gray. I know very well what it is like to be judged. It hurts, it cuts deep, and it is so damaging. But it is almost like i was due that for all the judging i had and will ever do in my life. There is no time for it in this life and no place for it under His authority. He is the Righteous Judge!!!

Lord, change my thought pattern. Help me to think positive and righteous thoughts of others and myself. Help me to concentrate on You and not worry about who is doing what. "Worry 'bout your own self" as my kids say. Forgive me Lord. Change me, Make me anew. "Bara" me a new heart. I love you!

To those in Charlotte that read the blog.... Please keep reading, but don't let this be the way you keep up with me and the "fam". I saw a friend i had not seen in a long time not too long ago. I didn't even know she was pregnant or anything... Her comment was that she felt like we had never lost contact because she read the blog everyday. I want to hear from you all!!!!!!!!! I want to know what is going on in your life too!!!!!!!!!!! Please. You don't have to comment on the blog, just e-mail. It would just bless my socks off. I love you all.

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