Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No Cost is Too Much - no spell check

Oh Lord, I am so tired, i can hardly see straight! Allow me to ask you real quick to keep Elleigh in her bed, please. I stayed up really late last night wrapping presents with Carter and Natalie and just trying to figure out computers! I wish i knew more, but i am so not good! Just like prophesy I am too intimidated to even try to learn more. I don't even understand the terms.

This morning was chapter 3 of Hosea. It was a very short chapter, only 5 verses. In it the Lord tells Hosea to go buy Gomer back and keep her for good. I don't think it was ever his choise to lose her, but i think the Lord is just irriterating how important forgiveness is. Especially in adultry we have the right to divorce, God says that in His Word, but yet do we always have His permission? "Everything is permissible, but is it beneficial?" You know it can be the same thing as - we all have the right to be in ministry, but do we have His permission? God was not giving Hosea the freedom to divorce Gomer. He was saying to take her back just as i take you back every time! Thank you, Lord.

Then the interesting thing is that Hosea tells her that she is to live with him, have no other lovers or prostitute herself, and he will live with her. When we run back into God's arms or even when He forces us back to Him - He still calls the shots. We view God too often as the power that is a push over and one that does not control things and especially us. But God calls all the shots and things are on His terms. Many times our attitude is that we can just run away again. Or we can bring Him out of the closet when we need Him again or that we are actully in control. Trust me, NOT, we are not in control. We have choices, but He is still sovereign.

Verse 4 - when we return to God we are to bring nothing with us from that time of destruction, disobedience, running, or whatever name you can justify it to be! In fact because He loves us and wants to be our everything, He may take everything away before the time of complete peaceful reign and blessings flow once again...

Lord Jesus - forgive me of my adultry to You. I know i have not always been the faithful one and yet You have always taken me back! No cost is ever too much to You and that is amazing to me - especially knowing me! I love you Lord. Do Your miracle work today and make my body not so tired even though i have so little sleep. Thank you for your kindness and love! You could never ask too much of me - no cost is too much. When my lips don't say that honestly, make it the cry of my heart! I love you!

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