Wednesday, January 03, 2007

211 - Created for Good Works

Lord Jesus - it is a good morning. No, not just because the kids are going to school, but because we have woken me up on time to be able to spend time with You and bask in Your word. Thank you.

I was in 1 Sam. 16: 8-13 this morning and the verse that stuck out was the last one - the one the devotion concentrated on as well. "from that day forward the power of the Holy Spirit was upon David". Wow, that is really cool. Especially for that day in time. In the OT the Holy Spirit would just come and go and not always be there in power or even proximity. He showed up in a heart that was willing to be used and one committed to Him - 2 Chron. 16:9, my favorite verse and lifetime prayer!

Oh Jesus, i know because of being a New Testament believer Your Spirit will never leave me, but there are certainly things i can do to diminish the working power within me. Lord, my attitudes, my reactions, my actions, my thoughts, my sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!, all of it can cause You to not work as powerfully as possible. Lord make me aware of sin in my life so that i can confess it quickly and move forward in your power. I want to live a life full of Your power, not to be powerful, but to hear Your still small voice and to know when to act and how when You are prompting! Reacting correctly when You call or when You move - now that is living in the power and i think glorifies and honors You. Help me Father - clean out my ears and my heart to hear You more clearly. I want to please You!

Yesterday i was going to go to a near by MOPS group with my new friend Tara that i have actually never met. We have just talked plenty over the e-mail. But her child got sick with the real flu. I would have gone anyway, but i felt i really needed to stay home preparing the kids for school, and Clay and i did a bunch of stuff around town like bank accounts, etc. But my unbelievable treat for the day was when the door opened and huge basket of goodies came popping in from Nancy and her absolutely gorgeous daughter Rachel. Clay made the comment that those were the best brownies he had ever had!! I mean scrumptious!! Wow. I had never met them either but the Nancy reads my blog pretty regularly she said. Isn't that the neatest thing. She nearly knew more about me than i did. It was great. Rachel teaches school at the grade school and hopefully keep an eye out for the Gray kids. Every day i am just still blown away by every one's kindness, generosity, and welcoming spirit - and what great cooks.

Lord, thank you!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! You are moving and blessing and i am not going to let go. Thank you. May you take care of the kids today at the first day of school and allow them to make a friend or two. It is going to be a great day!!! Let the good works You have created for me to do and the reason You have created me be very obvious and plain for me to see according to Eph. 2:9. I want to live out a life of putting feet to faith!!! I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! So excited you are getting settled! And all your great news!I've lost your new e-mail, please send.

Nicki Bailey said...

hey my friend!! i am so THRILLED that you are seeing so many blessings because of your faithfulness!! God is so cool!! He NEVER disappoints does He?!! love and miss you...