Thursday, January 11, 2007

218 - Making His WIll

Lord Jesus - I am getting to be quite the little fire maker. We have a wood stove kind of thingy in this house and i have to make a fire every morning and keep it going throughout the day. It heats the house so that the gas heat does not have to run all day. It is quite a feat though to get it started. But each day i am getting better. Today we have success on the second try.......Yeah!

This morning I found myself in I Sam. 6:1-12. This is where much despair and gross plagues, etc. had fallen on the Philistines and they just weren't sure if it was the Lord causing those things. SO they did a little test to see if it was Him. BU the funny thing was that their test was rigged in such a way that the answer would certainly go in their favor. They wanted the results of the test to be that it was not the Lord that had caused the despair because then they would not have to admit He was a real God and one not to be reckoned with. So they put the Ark in a box and with some goodies of guilt - they called it a guilt offering - and then got two momma cows that had just given birth and never been "carted" i think was the word. For these 2 cows to walk together in a straight line on top of actually turning their eyes and back on their own nursing calves - it had to be God. Only God could make that happen and again that was not the results they needed. They knew by the laws of nature alone it would not happen and so they could just blame their despair on just bad luck, not that they had actually done something horrific in the sight of the Lord.

Well as we can all guess, God will have His way and His will will be accomplished. The momma cows defied all laws of nature and walked straight in the path of the impossible showing the Philistines Yahweh was not the God to be fighting against. So what is my lesson today? One that i take very seriously and in that one that i am so thankful for.

How many times have i tried to force God to act in a certain way or better yet how many times have i tried to make things work out in such a way that it surely has to be God's will? We as women and me as a woman are the greatest manipulators of all. We know just how to say this and that and we know just how to do a certain thing to make others do what we want them to do. Lord, guilty as charged. I have done it all. Sometimes it turns out to be great - well sort of - and sometimes i flop on my face so hard i bounce!! Lord, it is really hard waiting for You to move at times. I get impatient and want to help You along. I want to make sure i stay ahead of You so that I can lead You along. That is really what it turns out to be. Let me do this and that so that i can make sure His will turns out just the way I want it to be. I am making His will for my life. Oh how ugly. Lord forgive me. I don't like what i am hearing here through this typed letter.

But Lord Jesus - this is why i am so thankful. You are sovereign and You are the Almighty. You will have Your way and You will see to it that I follow as much as You want me to. You have Your plan and there is nothing i can do to stop what You want to happen. SO no matter how much I try to manipulate and make things go the way I want them to - You will have Your way. That is reason to shout and sing!!! Thank you Lord for having the final say and Ultimate say. Help me to deal with days that I want to be in control or as the devotion said, just put You in box making things go my way. Lord i want to see Your will for my life Today... I do care so much for the future and having a vision and plan are so important, but today is all i have for today. Help me to walk in Your ways. Help me to do what You want from me today. Help me to hear from You and follow You. Lord move me out of the way and You work. I beg that of You!

Lord one final thing - bring together the Nashville event and the one in Hanover. I am excited to meet You there! I love you! Burn that fire in me. Be the ignitor and the keep of the flame. Make me accountable to do my part, but please fan the flame.

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