Saturday, January 13, 2007

219 - Patiently awaiting Your plan

Lord, thank you for a good week and last night was a great way to end it. We went out with 2 set of friends and had an awesome time. We laughed so hard that my stomach kind of is sore this morning. Jeff Neal can just get you in stitches. We used our first sitter last night and she was awesome. Wonderful Christian girl and looks just like my old friend Blair. I know Tucker won't mind having her over. She is a sweetheart.

Afton, Courtney, and I just had a blast last night. Afton is so witty and Courtney has such a way of telling stories. I really enjoyed myself. We relived lots of old high school stories of Clay and Jeff. Craig had just to endure, but he was moved to laughing tears many times as well. He is a great guy and has such a calming way about him. One of the guys, i won't release the name, needed some chapstick. SO i offered some of mine, but actually it was lip plumper by Bath and Body. It was hilarious!!

This morning I studies in I Samuel 16:14-23 again. I have been over this passage many times, even blogged about it, but it still strikes me as very interesting. I have always found it so interesting that the Lord, God Almighty, place an evil spirit on Saul to torment him. Wow - all i really know to comment on that is that God IS in control of even the spirit world, good and bad. The Holy Spirit had the liberty to come and go on people in the Old Testament. He left Saul many times and finally for good later on.

To strengthen him and get relief from the evil spirit Saul would call on David, our little shepherd boy, to play his harp. I love the verse when the servant is telling Saul about David being able to play the harp real well. He says is verse 18, "He is brave and a warrior. He speaks well and is a fine-looking man. And the Lord is with him." I wonder if the last sentence was kind of whispered off to the side in such a way that maybe the king, Saul, would not hear. The servant, i am sure, wanted to get Saul relief from the evil spirit even more than Saul wanted to get relief. He was having to put up with all Saul's complaining and griping. But yet knowing Saul was a believer, not always a follower, the servant didn't want to offend the king so it kind of like he snuck in that -"And the Lord is with him."

Lord Jesus - the other thing i can never forget about this passage is that David had already been anointed king by Samuel. Actually just a few verses ahead of this. So technically David is the king, but is waiting for his appointed time to reign. Oh I know i could never be that patient or that incredibly serving. David was playing his harp and serving for the dude that God "had left" and was no longer empowering as His king of Israel. David, even as a young lad, knew he was "the man", but was patient enough to wait for God to move and put him into power. I am just blown away by all that.

I know that God has a plan for me, but i think ONE of the reason i don't know the specifics is because i would be trying to help and move the process along faster - providing that i liked it and was sold out to it... Oh Lord, please help me to remain faithful. Help me to be in Your will and be patient to see it fulfilled without any of my doings. Help me to be proud for those that are already in a place i want or think that You have promised to me. Help me to be patient with those promises knowing that You will never let me down or not follow through. Jesus, i want to be your warrior and servant. I want to be your "go to girl". I want to see Your glory. Help to see Your vision and plan for me and not what I want it to be.

I love you Lord and am excited to see You move - even today!

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