Monday, January 22, 2007

225 - Nashville Recap

Oh Heavenly Lord, thank you and praise You. I am just blown away at Your amazing power and presence. Lord, you were at Brentwood Baptist in an incredible way. I should not be amazed because every time you show up and it is awesome, but it always amazes me. I can not imagine what Heaven will be like. Your strong presence with us every second and no sin in our lives to diminish the power working through us. Oh Lord, I can hardly wait.

Jesus that is an awesome church. They gave my Aunt Joyce a prayer shaw from their Nurturing Ministry. She is coming up on the year anniversary that her son, daughter in law, and 2 grand kids were killed in a tornado. I pray this kind gift of comfort not only ministers to her, but her husband as well. Lord, do a work there and may they reach out their hands to you for comfort and peace. She told me to never stop praying as it was the only way they were making it day by day. Lord, please keep them on my mind to lift up often.

Cherri Keaggy was wonderful. She has already accomplished so much in her life. Many Dove Awards, and the list goes on and on. She was so very humble and just calming. She had a wonderful accent. She brought us straight into the Holy of Holies. I could not help but deliver what the Lord wanted since we were already in His most precious place. Thank you Lord for allowing me to serve with such a big name, but one that made me so comfortable and yet strong and able to speak Your Words. I would just love to serve with her again some day.

This Women's ministry is the way it is suppose to be run. There was a head leader, Linda, and then many, many leaders under her. It was not just one leader doing everything and making all the decisions or at least just 2 or 3 with her. She had so many people under her and committed to their ministry................. I have never seen anything like it. It was incredible and just amazing. They loved her and would have done anything for her. She was awesome. Her commitment to pray is the glue that holds it together. Wow!! If i ever get the opportunity to help in a ministry like that, i want to call them and get a ton of resources and advice from them.

I got to see lots of relatives while i was there. It was fun and kind of nerve racking at the same time. They had never seen me do anything in my profession. It was great and a privilege to speak with them there. I also met the most beautiful person i have ever seen in my life. Her name was Tamy and she took care of me this past weekend. She looked exactly my age or even younger. But she had a 16 year old and had been married for 23 years. What in the world!! We were sisters from the day we met. We "clicked" as Christ allows many times. I hope to keep in contact with her. She could give me a ton of great advice in raising Tucker.

Lord, i am so thankful. I am thankful for a great weekend and all the things that will be result from this. I did have one lady come and speak "a word" over me. She stated that i would have an effective speaking ministry, but the time of explosion would have to wait. My investments (children) are still to small for God to do what He is going to do, but to continue being faithful to Him. He was going to do some cool things and just hold on. Lord, thank you for that "word".

Church was so good yesterday. The Holy Spirit was so present. Crossroads is a different church for us, but at this time where we feel called. Clay met with Chad, the pastor, to talk out a lot of questions. While they worship differently than Clay and I are used to, it is not unscriptural. They are very sweet people with hearts wanting to serve. Not just their church people, but the whole community. We love that. They have asked me to speak Mother's Day Weekend - that will be fun.

Paul, Alisha, and her girls came over last night for dinner. We both cooked pannycakes as my kids call them. We had a really great time and did lots of brainstorming on ministry. It was a special time and the girls loved it. One EJ's age and one SJ's age. Well, Lord, i am exhausted and yet pumped about this coming weekend. I pray things go well there too. Guide me, Lord. My brother hears back on his biopsy. Lord, please, please don't let there be one hint of cancer. Please Lord. Thank you for today and my time with You. Thank you for the word from I Samuel 15 - obey to the letter, not just partly. I will do my best Lord Jesus!!! I love you!

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