Tuesday, January 23, 2007

226 - Faith is moving!

Oh Lord Jesus have you given me a great word this morning. Praise You. Just this past weekend and many times before i was talking about having feet on our faith. Or i usually say it "Putting Feet to our Faith". There is a time to sit and just wait on the Lord. We need His direction and want to know what we are to do in a situation, so we are LED to a time of sitting before Him and waiting for the answer. That does take much faith when you are a person like me that wants to be doing and getting the job done for the Lord. Waiting is really hard!

But the above scenario I believe must be a direct leading from the Lord. He says to stop and wait, then you do that. I see so many times ladies just confused on what He wants them to do and so they sit and wait hoping He is going to drop a letter on their laps or bring someone to them to give them the Word. In that case, from my perspective, it does not take a lot of faith to just sit and wait. And if we really get down to the true heart I think many times the one sitting has been made aware of what they are to do, but it doesn't look as fun as someone else's "project" or gift, so they refuse to go and are just "waiting for the Lord" to bring along something better.

I Samuel 14:1-14 was some great Words this morning. Jonathon, Saul's son, had decided he was going to do what his father should have done and attack the Philistines. He did not have a direct word from the Lord, but knew in the whole scheme of things this was God's will. SO he got off his toosh and put some movement to his faith, put feet to his faith. He and his armor-bearer were going to take on some unsuspecting guys and do all they could do. He basically said in verse 6-7 that we don't have a ton of men nor do we have a lot of resources, but if God wants to move and save us He can by little or by a lot. Jonathan did not do things by normal means. But he had enough faith knowing that the Lord had his back and could bring victory if He wanted.

As my commentary says, God calls into action, then no matter what your resources, act and let God take care of the rest. This is how i feel about many things in ministry. Getting a book completed and published, taking Speaking Thru Me to the next level - non-profit -, and speaking across the world. Lord, i do not have all the resources that one might say you need to get the job done. All of the above take a huge amount of money. I do not have the education that i would think is needed to really effectively and with great authority teach the scriptures. I am not really trained by any means to speak. But the key is that I have the faith, even though very little and i so desire more, that He will get His things accomplished. I believe He is going to start small and test my faith and my "movements" right here at home first. What things is He calling me to that I can be faithful in here in Norris city before going on? Lord lead me.

Lord i beg for Your favor and your Neh. 1 kind of success. I want to stay on Your path and help fight Your fights. Guide me Savior. Keep in a state of confession, and line me up with Your will.

I love you and Praise You. Worthy of all praise and adoration unto You. Holy Holy Holy.

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