Friday, January 19, 2007

224 - Get Your Feet Wet

Heavenly Father - I am leaving for Nashville in just a few minutes to do a retreat down at Brentwood Baptist Church. I still can hardly believe that i was chosen to go there, but am real excited. I am really nervous though. All my female relatives are coming down and i have not seen any of them in a long time let alone spoke in front of them. Lord, my only wish is that You are glorified and I please You. Protect me and all that are traveling down.

This morning I went to one of my favorite passages. There were a couple of things that stuck out and then the obvious things i had learned some time ago. My favorite verse in this passage is Joshua 3:5, "Consecrate yourselves because tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you." I love that. The Israelites were about to go into the new land and were needing to cross the Jordan. God had given them instructions about moving the Ark ahead of them. First of all they needed to be pure......... I love the very end in verse 17 when it states that the Ark stood on dry ground when passing through a RIVER and that it remained in the middle until all the people had passed to the other side - on dry ground. It says to me loud and clear keep God in the middle of everything you do and in the midst of all you do. It says to me to keep God in your view as you step into the unknown and know that He always has your back as you proceed forward to the other side.

The other important point is the fact that the leadership had to stand in the water before it would part. They had to get their feet wet. They had to chance looking like an idiot if they had misunderstood the Lord and what He had asked them to do. Lord, help me to not be afraid the get my feet wet. Help me to not know what it is that you are doing with my life, but be willing to step into the unknown risking looking silly. I want to be the one You can run to and call on. As i have said before I want to be Your go to girl. Big or small.

Thank you for Your Words this morning. I am stepping into the water and and trusting You to dry the land and make my path obvious and straight. Lord, may I always be looking for You up ahead and keeping Your laws and commands in the forefront of my mind. May i seek to honor You and be found faithful. Lord, do you "thang". I am excited to meet You in Nashville in the lives of the women there and see what all You are going to do.

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Angela said...

I found your blog through 5 Minutes for Moms. Enjoyed your thoughts on the passage in Joshua. We are currently stepping into an "unknown river", trusting the Lord to go before us. It is a bit scary when looking at it from our human perspective, but exciting to think about all the Lord is going to do.

Hope your time in Nashville was all you expected and more.