Monday, January 29, 2007

231 - Covenant Relationship

Heavenly Father, thank you for this past weekend. On the way to my event I was able to stop and spend the night at my brother's and see his family. We have never been this close. Just 4 hours. Pretty nice. The event was actually in Hanover, In. just outside of Madison. I really wanted to stop by Madison.... they have the most awesome downtown. But snow was coming and I wanted to get home. This weekend went pretty well. Those ladies are always so nice and encouraging.

Clay is already gone for a few days. Very short trip, but yet gone. My in laws are in Hilton Head and so I am on my own. If i can keep some burning embers in my fire then i should be fine. It did not get above 20 degrees yesterday so I need that fire. Tucker was still running a fever as of last night so he will be home today. Elleigh goes to Teddy Bear and of course SJ is home with me too. Did i mention she got kicked out of preschool? She was too old. She is so thankful!

This morning i found myself at another favorite passage. I Samuel 18:1-4. This where Jonathan takes off his tunic, belt,........... important things signifying he was to be the next king, and gives it to David to wear. It is really a special moment. Jonathan lays down possibly a dream and gives it all over to David - the one to be the next God willed king. (There are a few "believers" that use this passage in defense of homosexuality. Nope, don't go there! The words translated mean strong covenant, such as the one Christ made with the nation of Israel, but not a sexual kind of thing. A bond only Christ can be the glue of strength. Nothing to do with desires to be one with another in that way. Oh goodness, no no no!)

I do remember a time when a lady, Laura Townsend, acted as Jonathan to me. We were doing a conference at my home church and she had asked me to be a speaker. She was going to do a topic on marital intimacy, but then changed her mind. Anytime there is a topic done on marriage it will be one of the most highly attended classes. So if she had given into pride she would have kept herself at that position. But she thought i would do better delivering that message. It was like she laid down her tunic and gave it over to me. It was quite a moment for me - I am not even sure she realized it. She has always been such an incredible person to me. She is a huge cheerleader and uplifting gal in my life. God really used her to paved the way for much of my future. That topic, Beauty and the Bedroom, is one of my most requested topics and one that I get the most positive feedback and changed lives from... All because of Laura laying it down!

Then there is another woman that is just incredible in my life and yet i don't really know her that well, Mrs. Ellis (her first name, but because I am really a Southern girl I have to put Mrs. in front of it.). I met her on the plane back from Ohio. She immediately took a great interest in me. I remembered seeing her in the terminal kind of thingy and just knowing she was a believer. She had that look and kindness about her. It is like she sees something in me and we still keep in touch. She is investing in me to this day - I know through prayer - but just keeping tabs on me. She is even willing to give me her "tunic". She said that she would sponsor me to do the Emaus Walk - i think that is what you call it. But you can only go with a sponsor and it is life changing. She offered that to me before i ever got off our short flight. I pray i can do that some day. I think there is one coming up in March, but I don't know if i can get away for 4 days. God has bonded our hearts and she is so wonderful. She is a Jonathan to me - I am not saying I ma a David in either of these examples, but that these people were a Jonathan to me.

Thank you Father for those great examples in my life. Give me opportunities to be that to someone. Lysa TerKeurst always told me that she did not want to go on the adventure with the Lord (ministry) all alone. She wanted to take as many with her to be a blessing as she could. If she could bring many along side of her, then more glory to Him. I will never forget those wise words and hope to do the same.

Ministry - such a never ending thing in my life that I am constantly reevaluating. Should i do this, should I do that - how will I ever do that. I feel the Lord leading me to something along the lines of radio right now, but i have no idea or clue how to do it. I think He is telling me to make some of my blogs into short 1 minute kind of devotions that I could have recorded and played over the air. Kind of like Proverbs 31 does, or Beth Moore, or Chuck Colson............ I can write it, I think, but i have no idea about getting a jingle opening tune or recording it at a studio or the big kicker - getting it on the air......... How Lord? But as I was driving along this weekend I asked Lord, what is next..................... That is what I feel He placed on my heart and mind. So, we shall see. Thank you Lord. "I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me." Phil. 4:13

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