Monday, January 29, 2007

232 - He is providing!!!!!!!!

Back in December I sent out a note to most anyone that had ever been in contact with Speaking Thru Me Ministries looking for various things. Well from that my friend from Charlotte, Valarie Elswick said that she was being led to help in the prayer part. The Lord had given me her name, but I was just waiting for it to be confirmed by waiting until she stepped forward. She did!!

So now when prayer requests are sent to me, I will send them "doctored up" for privacy purposes, and then she will post them and pray over them as well. We are beginning to have a system. Wow!!!

I think the Lord is also teaching me a lesson. He is going to bless Valarie for being obedient that is for sure. Just His way. But He is making prayer a priority in the ministry by fulfilling that area first. He is teaching me that prayer must be the foundation, but also the very aspect that will keep and sustain this ministry.

Lord, thank you and I can't wait to see what You do through this and through Valarie.

We love you!!

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Leigh - this is awesome and so needed for your ministry engagements and prayer requests from your web site. I have also thought about starting a prayer board, but it's not time for me yet. My little one is my main priority right now. Later - God willing this will happen for me as well. I am excited that this is your time! God is launching you out! He always sets up a strategy before a huge promotion is about to occur. You are ready! I celebrate with you! Tracy