Friday, January 26, 2007

230 - Facing My Giants

Lord Jesus - one of my favorite stories from Your Word is David and Goliath. I Samuel 17:31-58 is the actual account. It is so exciting to read and I can just hear certain prayers of my past as i referred to this promise and faithful claim of David's confidence in the Lord. As sleepy as i am right now, I still get excited knowing He will defeat my giants as well. Just to have faith has nothing to do with it, it has to do with knowing that my Big and awesome God can defeat anything with the smallest of resources. As Beth Moore said it much better, "Faith in faith is empty and useless, but faith in an active, living God can move mountains."

Lord a couple of things stuck out to me. When David is talking with Saul kind of like convincing the King, "I can do this", he goes on to tell him about things he has done in his past. Many times I am scared to tell about things You have done in my past in fear of making the person jealous that God has not done that in their life, or simply coming off braggadocios! UGH - why can't we just share about all the lion and bears we have ripped about through His grace and mercy.

1) we have to be careful who we tell our successes to. To God be all the glory, of course, but if you have had situation with one in the past, if would be appropriate to not go there. Saul was looking for a hero or "Holding out for hero" (remember that song) and David need to make sure the King knew he was capable. There was a reason for the king to know that and it was not just an FYI kind of thing.

2) Be specific. David did not just claim to have a feeling "Well, i just really feel in my heart I can do this". No David was stating what had been done in the past and how His God could easily do it again. Love it... Be specific. I used to have a notebook of how God did things in our family's life or things He miraculously provided for us, but i stopped. God never stopped, but i just quit recording them. It was my Provisions Notebook. I put ways that God had done things for us so the kids could look back one day and be encouraged, filled with faith in the Almighty, and strengthen that He could do it in their lives as well. I really ought to start that up again. Maybe this blog is serving as that.

3) I love that David tried to wear what was suggested by the King for armor, but he was confident in how God had worked through him in the past. He knew his strength and the way God had finitely developed a talent in him and wanted to use it for God's glory - for His service. Lord, too often i want to grab other's talents to do something in Your service. But Lord You have equipped me very specifically to fulfill my calling, purpose, and my service unto You. Help me to be thankful and always willing to use what You have given me for Your glory and honor.

I am leaving for Hanover, In. today. I am excited to see You work in this weekend. Lord Jesus, thank you for your many blessings. You are so wonderful and have provided me with so many things and opportunities. Lord, there are a few things in the works. Would You please give the decision makers the confidence in knowing I ma the one to come or not? I want to do it, but only You know whether it is my time for whatever particular church.

We also went tot the PTO meeting last ngiht. It was exciting because there is a great potential - they already do some great things. I know Clay will want to help with that - the only man - but the best he can. I love to see him get excited about something and want to help.

Kristy (Harris) Hancock sent me flowers yesterday as a welcome to the neighborhood. How incredibly sweet and kind. I am still blown away by the welcoming nature of this place and the acceptance. Boy if i was having a hard time, there would certainly be reason to get my chin up. Lord, thank you!! May you get all glory and honor. May i be used to exalt You and bring fame to You. I want to serve You, show me today what that looks like. I love you.

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