Monday, February 19, 2007

249 - Holding up the Church

Dear Lord, thank you for a great weekend of sledding and playing. We also had our preacher and his family over to the house. They have 3 girls almost our girls' ages and have another on the way, but they don't know what it is. Lord Jesus - please give them a boy. Church was incredible yesterday. Clay had to stay home with Emmajoy as she was sickly, but not really sick i don't think. She is fine today. But the rest of us went. I will have to write about the sermon later. Wow!!!

Today I find myself in I Samuel 23:1-6. This is where David is told by the Lord to go down and fight the Philistines. David's guys were scared to do this just because it was dangerous enough to be fighting against the Philistines, but also with those that have been looking for them to kill. So really God is telling them to put themselves in major harms way, but because it is for the good of the whole - Israel!

It sadly reminds me of a time when a ton of churches down in the southeast were getting burned down over and over again and other churches were not too willing to stand up and help them. They were scared of getting their own churches torched for speaking out and helping. Disgraceful, i know! I heard things like, "This is why we have insurance" or "this is why we are members of a particular denomination so that they can help them". I know - the body of Christ was in trouble like right here in the Word and the Body did not pinch in a help. Another example is the when New Orleans flooded. I know I was not one to go down there and help. Yes, giving money is great, but sometimes that is too easy. Sometimes we need to go to war and fight!

David once again did the right thing - he prayed. He was told the situation and quickly went to the Lord. He did not respond and then check with the Lord to see if that was ok. He prayed. It doesn't say if it was a long drawn out prayer or if he even fasted, it just says He inquired of the Lord. He told his men it was time to fight, stand up for the body of Christ, and they had major reservations to say the least. Then our man of the year(s) inquired of the Lord again just to get clarification. My study made a point to make sure we knew it was not that David was questioning God, he was just making sure this was what He wanted Him to do. "Big difference in doubting God and doubting what you may have understood He told you to do."

Boy oh boy - do i love the Word. Thank you for the power, encouragement, the hope, the conviction, the strength, and love!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the inquiries for speaking that are coming in. Recent ones to Hutto, Texas (near Austin) and one to Green Bay, WI. (Think i will get to see Brett Farve - ha ha) That would be so awesome if those panned out. Lord, please direct those leaders as to know exactly who is to lead those retreats - I would love the opportunity. Thank you Lord, it has greatly blessed and encouraged me just by being considered. Please sell our house!! I love you!

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