Friday, February 16, 2007

Snow Day in Illinois

Since we are in the middle of farm lands and that means flat lands, we have to use a rope to pull each other around. There are no hills anywhere close by our house.

A rare moment of kids loving on each other. I think it was more about warmth!! ha ha
This snow was not good for packing, just that made it great if you were the target of the snowballs. YOUR creation is amazing!


Tracy Hurst said...

Your kids are beautiful! But you already knew that, didn't you? Oh, how I remember snow days when I too lived in Illinois many years ago. How precious to have this time with your children. I just saw a mom today when her child and she remarked that b/c he was home - she was unable to work and I instantly replied - "True, but this time with your son you can never get back - enjoy your day." I pray that she did! I felt the Lord tell me that there are heavenly gifts that will fall into our laps this week and I already had one fall into my lap - my sweet daughter hugged me so tight today and just feeling the love for her - came straight from Jesus himself.

How did your speaking engagement go this past Thursday? Mine went awesome! Love you my sweet friend!

Leigh Gray said...

Hey Tracy - i am not sure if you will get this message or not... Thank you for your sweet words.

You are such a great reminder of siezing the moment with my kids. I get too excited for school to start back some days. Maybe it is part of the abundance of kids in my house - ha ha...

I actually already did that event before i moved. But i do have one on friday and then next weekend. Please be praying.

Thank you and talk soon!