Friday, February 16, 2007

247 - Olive Tree

Good Morning – Lord Jesus – I am having computer problems again and so I have to be creative. Not an easy thing for me. We have so much trouble with our wireless and so I have had to write on my WORD program and then hopefully will copy/paste if I can get it to come up later.

Went to a home decorating party last night and had a great time. There was one girl I had never met came up me and introduced herself. Sara with very cute hair!!! She mentioned that she reads my blog everyday. That is such a neat thing. My blog is really for me to record my thoughts of what the Lord might be saying to me that day, but to know that others may benefit for His glory is awesome AND that I have no clue. Lord, that is it. Doing something day in and day out and not knowing or even caring if others are benefiting or not, but to Your glory. It is kind of like in the Word that says do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. I would be doing this even if there was not one reader, but to know He has used it to benefit at least one other is incredible. Thank you and praise you Lord!!! AND she is a Beth Moore fan!! Hee hee

I was in I Sam. 22:11-23. Incredible how evil a man that once was inhabited by the Lord’s Spirit could turn on God’s holy men, the priests, is beyond me. Saul was seeking out if what he had heard was true about a certain priest not only feeding and supplying weapons to David, but if he prayed for him too. The priest honestly and confidently said that he did not think there was anyone as loyal as David to the king and that yes, the above was true. Saul yelled to have them killed at once. Some of his men would not do that, but a certain Edomite did and then proceeded to kill 85 other priest. WOW- that is angry!

Then the commentary reference Ps 52 as the one that David penned – that is stunning they know all this – after he heard all this had happened. Verse 7 has to be talking of Saul, “Here now is the man who did not make God his stronghold but trusted in his great wealth and grew strong by destroying others.” Oh Lord Jesus – You are the one that makes us strong. Our trust must be in You above all else and I must even say our trust must be in nothing but You – You alone. Why would we even want to put our trust in anything else?

As verse 8 says, Let me be like an “Olive tree flourishing in the house of God.” Lord David even said he was like an olive tree when he was on the run. David was strong and knew that even those he was running for his life - daily!!! Even when I am on the “run” let me sing out of Your great love and faithfulness. Let me be strong in You and one that is full of stamina to hold on for the long journey, but adventure. Lord, you are worth it all. You are it and You are the it factor as they say on American Idol. Lord, I praise you. I am only complete because of who You are. Not anything of me plus You, but all because of who You are. Wow – what a thought and concept. You do not need me, but I need every single bit of You and I want more. I love you, Lord.

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