Wednesday, March 21, 2007

279 - Prayer for this Morning

Lord Jesus - on my tummy is hurting so bad. I have the cramps and that is not good. I am leaving in just a few minutes to go to Salem, Il. to speak to a MOPS group. These are some of my favorites ladies - I mean MOPS groups. Mrs. Nancy Sutton is going to be riding with me. I am real excited to have her and the company in the car besides Elleigh and Sarahjane.

Jesus - in spite of me and all my sin and disappointments, would You please move there in a huge and mighty way. This is a smaller group that has not been going that long. But they have a steady amount of women and I am excited to be used to minister to them. Lord, I pray you have already readied their hearts so that a seed can be planted and You can used another to do the watering long after I am gone. Lord, I pray for those that are distracted by little ones, those that are thinking about finances, those intimidated by the moms that SEEM to have it all together, and those drowning in a failing marriage will be able to put those things aside for just 45 minutes. Lord, minister to all of them in Your powerful way through my words with Your anointing. Lord, I am so excited to see faces that are excited and energized. I long to see a turn around in the Spirit and one ready to walk in a new Way. Despite the way i feel this morning, would you please use my mouth to deliver Your grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness. Lord, do Your thing and get me out of the way. Reign so gloriously and be so evident when we walk in. May Your presence fill the room and the ladies not deny that You met us there. I look forward to seeing You poured out today!! I love you!

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