Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Radio time - I had a great time with the radio station. I would love to do that again. That was a ton of fun and very exciting. The people were awesome and such great work environment. They were such a family. I am not sure i have ever seen anything like it in a business! While i was there - Cindy from Charlotte - emailed in a donation and said hey - that was really cool. Thank you Cindy- that was really special. Thank you for your kind words!!

AND - sound the trumpet and shout out His praise - We have a very good, awesome offer on the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and praise You Lord!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! Lord, allow all the details to fall into place and not snags in the closing, inspection, all that stuff!! I am confident You will see it to the end!!! Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

Going to Evansville today to get some things. I am so pumped I need a 2008 calendar. Events are coming in and I need to know if i can be there. We had no weight loss or gain this week. I am pleased, but really wanted to lose. Help me stay the course!!

Kids had good grades.

Thank you Lord - protect us.

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