Friday, March 23, 2007

281 - You Tube

Hey check this out. I am not sure if you will have to click this link or if the video will work. My friend in Charlotte, Natalie Osborne, made this promotion video that I will be able to send churches. I am so appreciative - It was HARD work and she was so wonderful to do it for me. Hopefully I will be putting it on my website very soon. The You Tube version you are watching is a little grainy, but it will be much clearer on my website. That is just what happens when you are uploading to a thing such as that.

This video has many purposes. Allows churches to hear just snippets of my speaking or it allows churches to have something tangible than just a poster when promoting their event and me as the speaker. My name does not go very far outside my front door so a church needs more than just a smile to get their women there at times. I am no Beth Moore. It will also allow churches to get a visual of my life - except for the kids fighting - on top of my blogging. So that is that and I am so thankful for another avenue to make His Name famous!! Praise Him!


Nise' said...

Hello, it was nice to put a "voice" with your face. I "lurk" on your blog often and am always blessed.

Dori said...


Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and I'm so grateful for this video! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the song -- it brought me to tears. I also love hearing your voice because through these little "snippets" I could hear your heart.

May God greatly "enlarge your territory!"


Tracy Hurst said...

I thought I left you a comment on Friday, but it must not have gone through. I LOVE this video and as someone else shared - hearing your voice for the first time was so much fun for me. What you said, the pictures, the music, everything ministers to the viewer. This will be a great marketing tool for you! Many blesssings and I hope this comment finally reaches you! Tracy