Monday, March 26, 2007

282 - Promises, Promises

Heavenly Father - What a wild weekend, but lots of fun. Friday night was celebrating Melissa's birthday. Saturday was basketball games and setting up for the Carnival intermittently. Then at 3pm I picked up all the cakes that had been dropped off at my house and off to the school to help set up everything else. It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it, but I didn't have much responsibility other than the Cake Walk. So we did that all night and then went home to eat a sandwich with Alisha and Paul. Then on Sunday we went to church - awesome again - then the preacher and his family, Chad and Dawn and their 4 girls - came over for lunch. That was a great time too. What incredible people. So real and fun and not preachy! ha ha The rest of the afternoon was spent fishing and eating. Oh goodness - another weigh in today. Yikes. So busy, yes, but loads of fun.

This morning I have come to a scripture that is just awesome. 2 Samuel 7:1-16. Samuel has died quite a while ago and now Nathan is David's prophet and confidant. David is concerned that the Ark of God is in a tent and yet he sleeps comfortably in a palace every evening. Just doesn't seem right to David. So he sets out to change that. Sounds like a really noble thing - sounds like something that God would honor - sounds like something that would be in His will - sounds like something that is completely normal and like a obvious thing to do. BUT God tells David No - no, you will not be the one to build My House. It will be from your offspring, but not through your hands. David was a man of war, and that was a good thing. But he was not the man to build a temple.

Isn't that the craziest thing. David is trying to do a good thing, noble thing, honorable thing - but God says no, this is not your purpose. And God even says I will protect you from here on out and your wars will cease for some time, yet with all this peace and what seems like a perfect time to be building a temple, God says Nope, It is not you, buddy! Oh Lord, how many times do I look at my surroundings instead of Your Word to know what it is You want from me. Everything looks perfect and it seems like the stars are lined up just right - I AM KIDDING - but things do look perfect, but if I would tune into God more clearly I would know perfect surroundings are just a mask for great destruction.

God was gracious enough to not just tell David no. He went on to explain through a wise person, prophet Nathan, that his offspring would be the one to build a temple. And we all know that was Solomon - another one of my "favs" who wrote the book of Proverbs and Song of Solomon. Lord, I have to always keep that in mind. There are things that You have impressed on my heart and may really happen, but it may not be through me, it could be one of my kids or grandkids. What an even greater joy. Of course we all think in very positive terms when imagining the future of our kids. I am certainly no different.

Tucker is so internally intense and such a perfectionist. He has a very strong work ethic and very sensitive to those around him. We have made him quite selfish - plus having 3 sisters - and so that really needs to be controlled. He has much self-confidence and pride - not so sure about that either. I know we want some... I could certainly see Tucker being a great leader of a team, company - I am not sure he is made for sales - something that is out front and yet requires much behind the scenes work or concentration - a pitcher... after all God you did make him a lefty!

Emmajoy is going to be a wonderful momma - oh i pray she's afforded that gift. She is tender and takes care of all those around. She is very laid back for the most part. She is mostly a perfectionist as well and very studious. She is not concerned so much with winning, but having a great time. She loves to be loved and loves to love on everyone. She likes a crowd, but does not have to be the center. She does not give up once she has the confidence to try something. Emmajoy will be Tucker's greatest cheerleader until her boyfriend plays on the opposite team. Emmajoy loves to "write" songs and express herself artistically - quite the drama queen. I could see Emmajoy leading worship some day.

Sarahjane has got some fight in her. She will not give up and will have her way. She is prankster and so much fun. She is very crafty and has a way with her words. She may be the most sensitive of all, but rarely lets you see her hurt or cry. She is daring and adventurous. She is a dog-whisper and likes to have just one friend. Sarahjane has more common sense than me at 34, but i think school will be a struggle for her. She will be able to do it and is very smart, but it will be all in the way the teacher presents it. I could certainly see Sarahjane practicing law or a speaker herself. This woman has great passion.

Elleigh is a performer. She loves an audience or at least imagining one. She is a love bug, but very determined. She can dig her heels in and try not to be "broken". She is still too young for me to imagine much. She is very big and strong for her age. I am hoping she will get off this cheerleading kick and pick up a basketball.

Oh Lord, you have a plan for them all. I know it is plans to prosper and not to harm. Plan for a hope and future. Oh Lord, let them be followers of You and sold out!!! May my dreams and hopes for them never ever come between what You have for them. May they begin to discern Your voice early and then walk in Your way. Lord, take up the slack where i fall terribly short. May they praise You and live for You in spite of me and my shortcomings.

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