Tuesday, March 20, 2007

277 - We Must Step It Up

2 Samuel 6:1-11 - This is scripture that is hard to take. This is about the guy Uzzah that saw the Ark of God slipping, reached up his hands, and steadied it from falling. He saved the day. He was a hero. He was able to act quickly and be the man. He was doing what was right, right? All of that seems true. The Ark was falling and he just reached up there to correct the situation - very honorable. But instead God struck him dead. Wow oh wow - now that is tough...

God was not going to stand for disrespect. God told them exactly how to carry the Ark and this was not it. It was disobedience and irreverence on the part of the Israelites. Now the Philistines had carried it this way - with oxen instead with poles carried by the priests. God punished them severely for 7 months. Oh Lord, I see so much here in this scripture talking to me about parenting.

I must be different. I must raise my kids different and with more reverence and respect. I must raise the standard and not give in. Lord, I see that you are saying - so what if the media says a film is OK or so what if your friends are letting their kids do it - if it not something i have set for your family, then it is not to happen. This is where i fall prey to giving in. I will not allow the kids to watch certain things at my house or play certain games on the computer, PlayStation, etc... But when they go to a friends house i kind of lower my standards and let their house rules be our standard. I don't want the kids to get embarrassed, I don't want to seem nit-picky, I don't want it to seem like people have to clean up their ways just because my kids have come over. But it is wrong Lord. Like this story, I am doing things that are not acceptable according to the ways You have led my house and child raising - therefore it is wrong. I think we all do it and our kids are suffering for it big time.

I know in my house and many other houses across the US - kids are doing things way earlier than they used to. My girls want to wear clothes that have meaning and yet they don't even know the meaning. My son wants to listen to music that is way too big for him. Boy- girl parties are happening way before they should. Parents are taking their kids and girl/boy friend to movies way before it is time just because it is cute. I really think we are carrying the honor and reverence for the Lord close to the ground - and possibly we have dropped it in the dirt and throwing up mud as we pass it by.

Lord, I confess to You i am guilty. Lord, i want to be a better more God glorifying parent and one that explains why we don't do this and that instead of just yelling, I mean saying, No! Lord, I want Your honor and favor to be all over this house, but I know i am responsible with "lining up with the favor" as i like to say to my kids. You want to be blessed, you want your house to receive the honor and glory and blessing from Him - then we must do the things that "line up with the favor". We are going to have to turn off some TV. Say no to certain parties the kids go to. We are going to have to ask other parents to put away certain games when our kids come over. We are going to have to go the extra mile and be Holy. Exodus states "be holy as I Am holy". That is what He is calling us to be. He wants us to be holy and set apart. He was us to reverence Him and teach that to our kids!!!!! Oh Lord, help me!! Help me to not such a compromiser. Help me to be strong and courageous. Help me to not trample another's parenting, but just know that I answer to You for our standards.

The end of that scripture the Ark finally went to the house of Obed-Edom. It reads, "the Lord blessed him and is entire household". That is what i pray for. I pray that as You are looking around the world for some people to do Your mighty works and bless - see them lined up with the favor - doing things that can be blessed and Your favor upon - I pray you can stop by our house and do just that. I pray our house is one that Your presence can comfortably dwell. Lord, please show me those things where we have dropped the standard. Show me the things that need tweaking. Show me the things that need to raised to a higher level. Show me Lord!!! I want to know and I know You want me to change!!!! I love you!

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Andrea said...

I was so excited to read your entry today. I agree. I don't think we should ever go against what we know to be best for our children, nor should we ever feel guilty for taking a stand to protect our children and their innocence. God has intrusted us with these children and their fragile hearts and minds, as parents we are the ones who have to guard them and allow them to be children now and to deal with the adult stuff later. I applaud you as a parent for being determined to not just go with the flow. Woo, Hoo!! I think you will find that there are other Christian parents that feel the same. Andrea