Monday, April 02, 2007

290 - Worship and Week

Oh Holy Father and Lord, I am so tired I can just about pass out on this keyboard. No real reason, just tired and sleepy. We got all the partying in for Tucker and I think he really had a great time. He and his little buddies are so cute and silly. Making all those boy sounds and stuff - all of them too scared to admit they MIGHT be interested in a girl. They are fun!

Church yesterday was great. It was Palm Sunday and Chad was incredible again. You could tell he had done so much research in preparing for that sermon. Lots of history, lots of OT backing, and multiple scriptures - just awesome. It was a very evangelistic message - "The King is coming - Are you ready?"

We had another great morning of worship as well. I was so touched by 2 particular people. I know I am supposed to be worshipping and I am, but there are 2 people that just caught my eye and filled my heart with such blessings. There is one man, I don't know his name or anything - He walks with a cane, but is quite young. He can not stand long and is always smiling. We usually sit very close to him. He is always with the same woman, but I am not sure of their relationship, but she is very attentive to his needs and in helping him. She is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. But he will stand for a few minutes in worship and then be forced to sit because of either pain or lack of strength - I am not sure. Yesterday as the praise team was ushering in the Spirit and glorifying the Lord, He had already been seated for some time. But all of a sudden, with great effort and no help, he raised to his feet with both hands raised to the heavens. It was almost like I could see the angels helping him to his feet and raising his arms. I imagined the Father looking down on him with such a pleased heart ready to bless this man just based on his worship. He was putting aside all hindrances, all disabilities, all pain, and pride - standing to his feet and worshiping in complete self-denial. Oh how i wish everyone could see this servant of the Lord praising Him and teaching those around how to defy the odds and worship!!! It was just incredible.

There is another older man that I have learned so much from "worship watching". I believe his name is Mr. Revis. He is quite a small man, but so gentle. Again always smiling and offering a hand to anyone walking in the door. He will always greet you and make you feel at such peace. When he is worshipping - I almost can not describe it. It is so incredibly gentle and almost as if he is looking at the face of the Lord. I must explain that our church music is not quiet - VERY loud - very beat at times and very contemporary. No hymns whatsoever. You stand for at least 30 minutes with no breaks and many days it goes for much longer. But Mr. Revis sings every word and most of the time has his eyes closed concentrating on every word. He will grasp his hands close to his heart as if to make sure not one word is uttered without purity and perfection. It is obvious he knows who he is worshipping and he is serious about coming to Him with great reverence. There are days you will see tears stream down his face and that is about all i can take. He has such an incredible walk with the Lord - at least in his worship. He is even so gentle to raise his hands in such humility. Mr. Revis is teaching me how to worship and does not even know it.

This week is going to be quite busy. We are leaving for Gulf Shores for Spring break. But before all that the kids have parities at school, I have to speak on Thursday night, and i must go shopping for some clothes for the beach - just got to! ha Oh Lord this week as I am going about my days and doing those things i just have to do, please remind me to worship and praise. Lord, keep me thoughts on you and walking with you closer and closer. Help me to think about others - to serve and not to be served. Help me to remember the great sacrifice You did for us this time of year and help me to relate that to my kids as well. Guard Clay and protect him. Give his success. Keep things flowing positively in the closing of our house. Lord, in the month of April would you give me 5 more engagements to calendar? I know there are a few waiting on decisions, but even more. I would just be so excited!!! I love you my Lord.

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