Monday, April 02, 2007

291 - Authentic - 2nd blog today

I just sat down to watch some news - something i hardly ever do. Once my quiet time is complete my day is on green and actually in full speed most of the days - for most of the day! So to just sit and sip on some....................milk or orange juice or something....... just does not happen. (I so want to be a coffee drinker - it looks mature - but i just can't ever get there. I like cappuccino, but can not graduate to coffee. So i guess i will never be mature.) Anyway.........

I saw this guy that is a Yale Physics and Philosophy graduate being interviewed. He apparently is walking around with a camera on his hat taping 24/7. He has over 1,000,000 page viewers and of course it will sky rocket now that he has been on the Today show. I think it was something like Why - the beautiful black headed interviewer - her name has left me - wanted to know, why would you put yourself through this. Ultimately it is for the Benjamin's!!! Money talks. The guy is not flashy, he is not charismatic (interview was very rough pulling things out of him), just not someone that you would think many people would want to watch for hours on end. He never turns it off, not even in the shower or going to the bathroom. So why, other than the money he might potentially receive, why would anyone do this or why would anyone watch this???

I think the same can be asked about all the reality shows on TV these days. Why are they so popular and why would anyone do it and who or what does it take to be the person to do that kind of thing??? I think the bottom line, philosophical line that is - nothing to do with money for just a minute - people watch because they are longing to see authenticity. People watch to see real people - like me and you. People watch to see if there is anyone like them. People watch to see the bravery(?) of others - even though it may look ridiculous or even dangerous or even disgusting. Of course others watch for entertainment, but i really think they are watching to see if others are anything like them.......................

Beth Moore - you knew i couldn't talk about authenticity without bringing her into the picture - talks about this as being the very thing kids, youth, are screaming for in their heroes, parents, authority, and peers. This can be found in her book called Feathers in my Nest. Awesome short (i like short) book about her relationship with her daughters. They want to know that we do mess up, but that we are able to get back up again. They want to see and long to have a relationship with the Lord that is real and authentic. They want to see others really living it out.

You know I have the same question asked over and over to me about my blog. Why do you put such intimate conversations with the Lord on the web for all to read? Most importantly because of obedience and accountability. But also because I know people are looking to see a real relationship. People are looking to see someone living out the "thing". Not that i am always real and transparent, but most of the time i strive to be. Many people do not have any idea what a quiet time looks like or what a conversation with the Lord can be like. I am hoping and praying, and also responding in obedience that is what this blog is all about.

Would i walk around being filmed 24/7 - probably so if i didn't have such a private husband and kids not to exploit. What is it about me that would do that - i am not completely sure. I know some of it is just a need for attention that i have never outgrown - now that is real, but not pretty. But also is challenge of stepping up my walk because others are watching. But more than anything is because Jesus lived his life like that. He was an open book - of course one that had no mistakes - but open to all. He said - be like me, act like me, live like me!!!! I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit living in me so strongly that I am hoping and believing that others would see Him and not me. They would see His work in me and through me instead of seeing me. I believe we attract people to the church TO STAY not through programs and lights and a production, but we attract them to stay and be committed through a real walk, a walk that is not perfect, but lived out and real. I see that so clearly in my preacher and his wife, Chad and Dawn.

So would i be on survivor, real world, American idol, anything like those - absolutely, in a heart beat. Would it be fair, would i be portrayed correctly, would i make the church proud, would i give a correct impression of my Lord? - I can not answer that. I know it would be so tough. I know it would be so hard. I know it would so difficult not being able to explain myself and my actions. I would have the worst time with being misunderstood or miscommunication. But i would have the most trouble with the times that I messed up, blew my lid or top, opened my mouth with horror coming out, or just SIN. Would it happen - of course and probably the main reason I don't think God would allow that kind of thing in my life. My maturity level for that kind of thing is not there. I am not sure I would make Him proud or give a correct impression of Who He Is or who i believe He is!! It is all about my Lord - but i am not sure i would be able to get that across. I better stay in my little world and leave it at that!

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Nise' said...

I am smiling at your comment "(I so want to be a coffee drinker - it looks mature - but i just can't ever get there. I like cappuccino, but can not graduate to coffee. So i guess i will never be mature." I wanna be a coffee drinker too! I though is was cause it smells so good, but I love your description better! I just can't get the stuff down no matter how I doctor it up! People think I am from outer space. Anyhoo, you inspire me! I love your openess and honesty.

I enjoyed reading how observering others worshipping blesses you! It does me too!

Your sons age is so much fun! Like you say they are at that stage where they are liking girls but would never admit it and mom is still so important to them. Enjoy it! My middle son is 19 and he's still at home going to college so you may have more than 9 years!

Have a great trip to Gulf Shores. I am so wishing we were in Florida right now, but it just didn't work out this year.. *sniff*