Tuesday, April 03, 2007

292 - Don't Reject the Love

2 Samuel 10:1-19 - this is the passage when David went to reach out to a man that had just inherited a throne, but only after the lose of his own father. David knew the feeling all to well - the feeling of lose - and so he wanted to display a bit of mercy, sympathy, but more of empathy. He had been there. No not Saul's own son, but the lose of his best friend and the man that David knew to be God's man at one time. David never forgot all the potential that God might have seen in Saul but never lived up to it.

So after hearing of the lose and now the new king, David sent some of his men over to the new area to deliver kindness and sympathies. The new king and his men received this as anything but kindness. He had them humiliate David's men and obviously reject the sympathies. They shaved their beards and cut off half of their shorts - weird isn't it. But my commentary said it symbolized making a half man of the men.

David got word of this and was furious. He was appalled his kindness had been rejected, but then to mess with his men, his army men. "Oh no you didn't" is what i can hear from David. David took care of his men and then sent a short little message to the new king - you mess with my men, you mess with me. That was all that needed to be said. Destruction was coming.

I have done it, haven't I, Lord? I have rejected ones sympathies or concern or kindness. One just trying to be nice and me rejected (even in a nice way) their kindness because i don't trust their motives, don't trust their heart, don't think they are for real. Now how holy is that - not too good. And of course i have been the recipient of the one rejected. Trying to reach out to someone and the door gets closed. The sad thing I think I am reminded of is that when I have rejected ones kindness - I am very possibly rejecting kindness that God was trying to display to me that day in the form of human hands. Yes, He can love on me and comfort me as i am sitting on the couch, but there are times He uses human hands or human means to reveal His character!

Oh Lord, forgive me of my judgemental attitudes. Forgive me of my heart not trusting others at times. Forgive my pride that will not accept love from others on cetain occasions. Forgive my heart that is just silly and immature. Forgive me for not accepting the ways You chose to love on me and I reject it. Oh Lord, this heart needs You so desperately. How can I become more like You? How can you use a heart so full of self and one that just doesn't see things in your perspective most of the time? Lord, I praise you because I too, am wonderfully and fearfully made according to the Psalms. Lord, thank you for never giving up on me and for hanging in there. Thank you for displaying your love even when i miss it or worse, reject it. Oh Lord, You have so much work to do on me. Thank you that when You start something, you don't quit, reject, or never ever throw it away. I love you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nicki said...

Ouch.....convicting words Leigh!! I think of all the time's that I've missed the blessing or the kindness from God too. Your words are so full of conviction and turning from our old ways, thank you!! Thank you for just being honest!! Thanks also for you encouraging words!!! You know how much they mean to me!!! =)