Monday, April 16, 2007

298 - #2 - Radio, This is in Your Hands

I just wanted to post something to those that read this blog and of course in prayer to my Lord. I know He has called me to do a radio 30 second or 1 minute spot like Max Lucado, Ann Graham Lotz, Proverbs 31, etc............. I just don't have the foggiest how to get started, nor what all that entails............... But I will never forget the day in the car driving home from a retreat in Indiana when I asked Him what He wanted next. He did not say book, He did not say magazines, He did not say sing (ha ha), He did not say dance (even bigger ha ha) - He said radio. At that moment a short radio spot from Max Lucado came on and I felt the confirmation in my heart. I can not explain how I know, I just know. I know when He confirms something in my Spirit. I looked for radio to pop out in the scripture, but it has not.......... But I know.

So I do have one friend that is in the radio business. I asked some question and the following is her response. It is edited as to not expose her or those she works with.

First of all, if God is calling you to this, that’s awesome! He’s going to make it happen, then. I just want to provide you with a realistic view of what a project like this entails. It’s very time consuming, very expensive, and very difficult to get radio stations to play new short features unless you’re a well known author and speaker, an established ministry like Focus on the Family, or something like this.

Also, stations typically don’t pay people or ministries for their spots. In fact, it can often be the other way around. It can cost $100.00 or more per minute to purchase air time on commercial stations or even as a cost-of-service fee for a non-commercial station. Many stations play ministry spots free of charge. But, this isn’t always the case especially with stations that are supported through advertising rather than by their listeners.

Another big cost is production. To get something that would be broadcast quality you really need to produce the spots in a professional studio. Unless you know someone with an in-home studio you’re looking at hundreds of dollars in studio time and post production every time you record. A typical volume of programs would consist of 20-40 installments. So, you’re looking at recording every 6-8 weeks or so.

Just to give you an idea: For every 40 spot volume of the one-minute spend lots of hours writing scripts which edited to appeal to the target demo at an Adult Contemporary Christian Music Station. then spend more time rehearsing the scripts before the recording session. The recording sessions (20 programs each) take 2-3 hours. This is just recording reading the scripts. Then the producer spends several hours the next week polishing each segment and putting the music behind the voices, etc. Then have to get the master disc reproduced for all the stations who want to get the program on CD rather than by satellite or FTP Site download and get them in the mail at least 3-4 weeks in advance. also have to send out replacement discs when one gets lost in the mail or arrives to the station damaged, etc. So there’s an idea of the time commitment. As far as cost there’s about six hours of studio time, post production, consulting fee, CD duplication, and postage. Probably spend at least $1,000 every two months or so just on the one minute radio program.

Well, there ya have it. If after all this you’re still interested in moving forward it could be a God thing! If you want to ask more questions, let’s set up a phone call. Sound good? God bless as you seek His will!!!!

Now does that sound overwhelming or what. Once again I am not an established speaker nor an author - I am not a big name. I don't have a book out or anything along those lines. Just a girl that has been called out and wanting to do what I can to make His name great. Just a girl that has never been through much. Just a girl that is not related to anyone that can "get me in". Just a girl with basic education. Just a girl with small kids and one hot hubby. Just a girl that has made many mistakes and regrets them all. Just a girl that loves Jesus and that is it. Should be enough, right? With Him all things are possible. So - lets see Him work. Can He do it tomorrow - sure, but I am not sure how long it will take. I would have thought a cruise would take years and years, but lo and behold, He gave me that this year. We don't have many signed up so far, but He did give me the opportunity regardless of whether we set sail or not!

So for those of you that are reading this - pray.

Pray for Him to make things evident and obvious.

Pray for Him to show me the way.

Pray for Him to provide the resources.

Pray for....... if you are to be involved in any way. Editors, producers, contacts, dreamers...

Pray............ for my husband and family to grasp this passion far greater than they ever have.

Pray for me to have patience and understanding.

Pray for.............those future listeners that He will touch through the "air".

Pray for STM (Speaking Through Me) to obtain non-profit status so not to hinder one from giving because of lack of tax benefit - the way it is at this time.

2 Chron. 16:9 - "The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. " Jesus, may my heart be fully committed to You. I need Your strength, find me committed. I love you. I believe.

So what can you do - send my name and ministry information to your church decision maker or any other church that you know, big and small. The more I get out there the more likely i am to run into the right person that can be a God-send. I really mean that. Send this blog info to anyone who might be able to give me more wisdom. Send this info to anyone that might be looking for a good "thing" to support - are their those people out there just looking for something to do with their money? - I guess so. (Out of the blue the other day I got a $25 check from a lady that just wanted to say thanks. It can happen again and again, over and over if He wants.)

Here we go Lord - I am ready.


Beloved said...

oh wow thats incredible! I'm so excited for you!

Debra said...

Pray Hard. He knows the way.

Nise' said...

That is so exciting! All of us sista bloggers will be able to say... I knew her when...

Dori said...


I am praying and I'm getting the word out. I kept hearing over and over in my spirit while I was reading this post "Why not 'host' a 30 second or minute spot on your website?" That would certainly get the word out as I'm sure many people check your site. I don't even know if it is possible on your site, but you could check into it. That's how I listen to Max Lucado, incidentally! :) Just a thought.


Rebecca said...


You need to do a podcast! Start googling "podcast" because it is lots easier than you think!

I am actually on one that is at's not been updated in a while, but I think this could be worth checking into--it is definitely affordable!


I hope the retreat with the Parkway ladies went well for last month! I miss those sweet sisters!

Sandy said...

Saw your link on Moms of Grace.
You go girl! If you feel God has called you to do that, then pursue it with all you can and allow Him to do the rest.
I also do a little speaking, I have not been able to do as much as when I was a SAHM. But God still opens those doors. I love your heart for Him!

Leigh Gray said...

you chickies amaze me. Thank you for your confidence and inspiration. You are pushing me along and I hardly know many of you real well. THank you thank you thank you. Oh how can i ever repay you just for giving me such a blessing....

I will keep pressing on and seeking Him. BTW - I have an appointment with a local Chrisitan station on next Wednesday to get his thoughts as well. One of my friends mentioned i might be missing or misinterpreting the call - she says that i mgiht want to think about Chrisitan DJ. Oh now that would be cool. Got to pray about that one too. Just want to be ready when He says jump. I want to enthusiastically obey with my whole heart!! Oh He is so good. Thank you!!

What are your dreams??? How can I pray for those to be revealed...

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Blog giveaway week!! Come back and enter all week!! Love, Leigh