Tuesday, April 17, 2007

299 - Just Call Me Farmer Gray

I am sorry - I can not figure how to post words first and then the pictures........ So read the bottom first and then come back to these pictures. I had already written the majority of this post before i added the pictures and couldn't figure out how to copy/paste. I know - pitiful!!!

This is the beginning of the garden. No red dirt or clay here!

This is the rabbit poo-poo that i "spread" over the garden.

I guess this would be apprentice Farmer Gray.

So here I am trying to work this tiller. Look at that thing - it has to be 3 times my age... This is no joke - I am very serious. (I have got to get my roots - hair - done quick.)

The final product. Well nourished and tilled garden. Now what to plant and how!!!

Lord, i guess You brought the beach weather back with us from Alabama. Thank you for doing that. It is a gorgeous day and we have already enjoyed so much of it. If i could get in my shed or otherwise known as "the barn" I would mow my grass as well, but i guess not today. I am not strong enough to lift the "barn" doors. That is fun to say.

Clay has left me another "honey do" list for today and this one required pictures to be taken. For those of you that know me from Charlotte or before know that I am not much of the gardener. I don't really do flowers that well and I don't know anything about animals other than dogs. I am not really a city girl, but certainly not a real country girl. Where do I fit in? Thankfully the Lord has taught me how to fit in wherever He plants me. So my list for today was to go next door and scoop rabbit poo-poo and spread it over our garden. OK - hang with me. THEN, i was to take a tiller thingy and till the garden. I don't know how to pick up rabbit poo-poo and then spread it - with what??????????? Then a tiller (don't even know if that is spelled right) how in the world am i suppose to work that. Clay said it was real easy. You just push it behind you - not the motor kind. I don't know what else to say........submission. I am up for almost anything and I know that is something that Clay loves in me. So who knows if i did it right or not, but i just had to take some pictures so that there is proof - I am becoming a farmer.


Valarie said...

YOU GROW GIRL!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) I love it and can't wait to see the work of your hands! Be sure to take lots of pictures. Consider planting herbs too. They're pretty, fragrant and you can use them when you cook! Can't beat that! (especially rosemary! YUM!)
Love and miss ya.

Dori said...

What a very sweet look into your daily life, my friend! I think you look beautiful as a submissive farmer! :) I don't fit in, either! I aspire to be a country girl, so hopefully God will see fit to one day bless me with that green thumb -- the desire of my heart.


Debra said...

I love the pictures. Greatness. You should go look at my blog about our garden and what the kids got in to. Funny stuff. It is under Family and also under March Archives.

CrownLaidDown said...

I'm with you! I need blogging 101. This morning I posted the pictures first and then in a separate post wrote my story...

I enjoy your posts so much!
Blessings on you day, Leigh.
Love in him,