Wednesday, April 18, 2007

300 - When Did the Road Curve?

Lord Jesus - I am reading in II Samuel 11 today. It is the famous story of David and Bathsheba. First of all, what if our faults were in the most famously printed book of all time? I think I might rethink some of the decisions I make today if that were going to happen. I know You Lord wish I would rethink some decisions because You are watching 24/7. Oh Lord, help me. Help to love you more, serve you more, and live righteously.

So how did everything go so wrong? I think I have asked this before, did David quit having his quiet time? Did David get overly proud and think he was invincible? What happened? We were riding along so well and then boom - he got this hair brained idea that he needed, wanted, and had to have this particular woman. But I don't really think the issue here is about a woman, I mean the lesson for me to learn.

David had an issue with women, that is not a surprise. He had many women from the time he could have women. He was a man of more than one wife and knew better. He had many surrounding him to show him what was correct and not, but he persisted to do that particular sin. The issue i see so often in my life and in others at times is boxing in God and boxing in our relationship with Him. Women by nature are not compartmentalizers. We let a fight at work dictate our attitude at home and then because of that fight we think that the grocery store people know and now they are an enemy as well. One little thing spills over into every area of our lives - irrational. I see men a bit different. They have trouble fishing, that stays in the boat. They have trouble with a car then that stays in the car. They have business trouble then that stays at work. They have fight with you, they do not bring up fights from 4 years back. Now all of that is a bit of an exaggeration, but men kind of compartmentalize their lives when we as women let everything spill over into everything. Why, I don't know, just the way we are.

I am learning in my walk with the Lord that I can not box Him up and I must keep living in a spill over kind of life. If i am a believer then I have to take it with me in every area of my life. Is that possibly what David could have done? I can hear him saying, "Lord, you can have control over my kingdom, my money, my foreign affairs, my people, my safety, my ....................., but when comes to my personal life and in whom I am going to get "close" to, I will handle that part." Basically even if it just one area of our lives, it too is living a double life. That is exactly what Satan is waiting for. He is waiting until we take an area of our lives and keep it under "our" control. Then that is when he easily steps in and sets up a destroy. Most importantly, we cannot expect to be growing Christians, ones that live a spill over life, and not meet with Him consistently. An area in self-control and no quiet time is a perfect concoction for major fall or disaster.

Lord, where are my issues? Where do you see this in my life? Please reveal. I know most of the time "I" will take care of my weight or that is not an area that I think i have to be spiritual in. There are some people that I am less bold with. When it comes to shopping day I rarely ask Him to guide me and keep me aware of when He says No. There are times I might go into Wal-mart or something and just think that I don't have to smile or speak to anyone. I can turn off my spiritual walk and just go about my way. Lord, Holy Father - forgive me. I must take You everywhere I go. I must take You into every area of my life and listen to You as I am walking through life - in everything! Forgive of those times that You set up an opportunity for me to speak to someone, bless their lives, give encouragement, boldly proclaim who You are in my life, and yet I said no. I said no, I don't think I will be spiritual right now. I don't think I will take You into that situation right then. Oh Lord, forgive me.

Lord, I am so scared that my life could be such as David and I could go hairy. I know I am not above it. Lord, spill over into every area of my life, let there be no secrets, and keep me on the straight and narrow. Oh Lord, protect me from me! Jesus, guard my mouth and protect me from the words that spill out without thought. Lord, bring more accountability into my life so that my striving for more of You is always in check. Oh Lord - please please please bring me a mentor.

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Nise' said...

Thanks for sharing your heart today and for reminding me as well to take the Lord everywhere I go, into EVERY area of my life and to listen to HIM as I walk through life.