Monday, April 23, 2007

303 - Recap and Thoughts

Oh Lord Jesus - can I praise you enough, never! Can I sing what you are worth? I don't even have that amount of words in my vocabulary. Can I ever do enough to deserve your love? Nope, not that either. But in spite of me and because of your grace and mercy, You call me out and allow me to be your child. Then on top of that you allow me to minister in Your Name. Lord, you are incredible. You are mighty and indescribable. You are holy and you are it!!!

This weekend I went to Boonville, MO. It was my dream as far as my Nehemiah Mission. This small church in Olive Branch, MO right near Sedalia found a hotel in Boonville that had swimming and hot tub. A retreat like for her ladies, but not that far from home. Then the retreat leader, Lonnie, called a church out of the yellow pages and asked if they could use their church for a women's retreat. Can you believe that? The church did not charge them, did not put up a fuss, and actually said yes. But wait - the preacher of that church in Boonville was there the whole time serving us, putting up tables, helping with the sound and lights - He was Christ to us. Serving and smiling and just............... I should have asked to see his belly button because he just might have been an angel. (You know angels don't have belly buttons.) It was beautiful. There were about 13 churches represented at the retreat. The ladies mingled and mixed in such a way that i had no idea who was from what church. It was awesome!

So i spoke my little heart out the whole time wondering if anyone was getting it. I am always wondering if He is moving or if they are just emotional because I get so emotional. We came to the end and I gave an invitation. Apparently everyone knew Him as Savior. So then I asked for those that feel a great conviction in some area, for those that feel Him calling them to step out, for those that know He is requiring something of them - almost every hand shot up. There was a huge stain glassed window at the back of the church. When those hands went up it was if God opened the sky and shone so brightly - a huge smile from Heaven - it was incredible. Thank you Father - I know You were pleased and that was a holy hug from above. Thank you for your sweet confirmation! I love you so.

At the beginning of April I asked the Lord to give me 5 more engagements to book. Well, I am not a name and claim kind of gal, but I do believe according to Ps 5:3 we are to be specific and wait in expectation! So far He has been so wonderfully awesome in answering that request.

1) June 13- 14, 2008 - Hutto Texas, ladies retreat, down near Austin.

2) September 16, 2007 - Ohio, mom/ladies event

3) June 10, 2007 - Norris City - 2 times that day

4) Still waiting to hear from Wisconsin

5) Chicago - looking at the calendar - MOPS group - possibly September 2007

6) different Chicago group, Moline, has put off their retreat until another time.

7) Arkansas - Spring 2008, i think, Ladies retreat

Lord, you just keep amazing me. I must remain faithful and consistent - You never change.

I read in 2 Samuel 12:13-23 about David receiving the prophesy that his "love child" with Bathsheba was going to die. As soon as Nathan left the building, his child got sick and died in 7 days. The whole time the child was sick David fasted and prayed for God to spare his child. Once he was given the word the child had died, he got up and resumed life. Not that he was not sad or hurt or anything like that, but knew it was best to pick up the pieces. Don't you think his time on his face before the Lord in fasting for 7 days was just incredible? I am sure he got it all out. I am sure the Lord reached down and redeemed. I am sure it was a terrible intense time of great resurrection in David. He got back on the right road and was ready to start afresh. So the outcome of the request for the baby to live did not change David's love for the Lord. He accepted His will and consequences, got up and brushed himself off, and began to walk again. Oh if we could all do that! I guess it is easier when you know you had a huge part in it all - I mean to understand the way the cards fell. But when tragedy happens and you did not have a part in the consequences, i would think it would be harder to get up and go on. Trust - do we trust Him?

I love you and I will trust. Please allow the sale of our house to go through. Many complications right now, but I will trust. Thank you!


CrownLaidDown said...

Amen! I'm thankful for those hands and praying this moment for the Great things God is going to do in each life!

Also, I'm praising Him this moment for each one on your schedule...He's so very good! May each one have a special message that will get Jesus and His Word to the hearts of these ladies!

Love in Him,

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Nise' said...

Praising and thanking the Lord for your speaking engagements! Trusting the Lord to work out the details of our lives even when we complain He is so faithful!

ange said...

Please tell me about the retreat in Hutto. I am close to there and feel like it would be a blessing to go