Wednesday, April 25, 2007

308 - Gas Money and Ministry Funds

When I first started in ministry many years ago - OK not that many, maybe 5, there were not many churches that would pay for me to come and most could not help with gas expenses. Well as i have gotten further in ministry I have gotten more creative with it all. I have put together devotional books to sale, jewelry, and now I have found some purses... very cute... I thought i would just show all my blogging friends what i have!! I sale them for $25 plus shipping. This is not all of them - there are some bigger like diaper bags and some much less frilly. But ti has really helped me pay for website expenses, blogging updates, bios printed, business cards, CD distribution, etc................. and hopefully podcasting or radio 1 minute spot some day.... not to mention gas when a church just can't get the funds together. I love the small church!!!


Grandparents Corner said...

Your purses are gorgeous. Have you ever made Bible covers?

I purchased a black toile purse for my DIL at a craft show a couple of years ago and she still carries it. Toilet fabric is gorgeous I think. I have a blue and white toile bedskirt and matching shams I place on our bed sometimes with white comforter. Thank you for sharing. You sure have a God given talent, in more areas than one as I read from your site. Thanks for sharing.

Deborah said...

I love handbags wow those are stunning, what a clever idea you have I know the feeling riding hundreds of miles on faith. so now how do I get one to South Africa.
love always