Monday, May 14, 2007

327 - Tired of Fighting?

Can we lift our hands and praise the Lord? - well certainly, but not type at the same time. Oh Lord Jesus, how wonderfully awesome You are! On Friday night where I spoke at my home church, Crossroads Bible Church, You showed up in such a precious way. Your Spirit was so evident throughout the place. We had a completely scrumptious meal fixed and served by the men of the church. A man by the name of Tom Oxford cooked FRESH lasagna noodles with Alfredo/mushroom sauce, shrimp scampi, salad Rafferty's style with croissants, and cooked carrots. I mean it was gourmet - unreal... I had never had fresh, homemade noodles. Wonderful!!

Then we moved into the sanctuary and had some praise music - awesome. Those ladies are so talented. The really young piano player/singer was there too. She is incredible. Loved it! Then Dawn introduced me and it was my time. As i walked up to the mic I could feel like a rush of the Holy Spirit invade me and knew HE had showed up to do some great things! He spoke through me and took me down some tangents I did not have prepared. Oh it was awesome. Not me, but what He poured out of me! My passion for His word and love for speaking out and praising Him was there - it was just a wonderful night!!! Many ladies made decision of recommitment and/or acknowledgement of change needed in their lives. Father - praise You. You did it all! Thank you for allowing me to be part of Your night!!! Thank you thank you!!

This morning Father - I am up and at 'em, but still very tired. I read in 2 Samuel 21:15-21 where David went out to fight, but became very exhausted. There are some really great things I see about that passage and am very encouraged. David was up in age and still doing what he thought was his kingly duties. He, up to this point, was not afraid to get out and do battle. How often do you see a preacher of a church willing to get up front and do the preachin', but as far as getting out in the battle and fighting, nope, save that for the others. Even though David was probably too old be out there and acting like his young army men, He felt a responsibility to his people, to his army, and to the Lord. The Philistines were at it again and David wanted to make sure he was part of that slaying through the power of the Lord.

Oh Lord, may i never view myself as washed up and unusable. In fact that is something You have had come out of my mouth the past 2 times i have spoke. "If you are still on the earth and breathing, then He is not done with you. If you think your usefulness is done and you are just here to coast through the rest of life, then you better be making your burial plans. He does not call us to coast and if you think He is done with you like you think you are done being used then beware. Your days are numbered and He is coming to get your "perfected" self." All of course said in love, but the point is that as long as we are here on this earth then He is not done with us so there is no need to throw in the towel. Our "job" might change and we can no longer fight on the field, but we can never not fight on our knees.

It encourages me, especially after this past 3 weeks of sickness, that even David got tired and exhausted. He had to rely on the help of others to survive, literally. Oh Lord, thank you for all those that have been fighting for me on their knees and other means as well. Lord, help me to be faithful to fight for the next person and to be encouraging to others around. I want to be a strong link in the body of believers, not one that takes too much from others. Thank you Jesus - thank you for working in my life and for making such a difference in my everyday walk. Thank you for loving me and for keeping me close. Thank you for your patience and your sacrifice. Lord, thank you for opportunities and I pray more will come!! Help me to never tire of fighting!!! Thank you Father - I love you!


David Allen said...


My wife (Amanda) and I go to Crossroads and she heard you speak Friday night. She went on about how wonderful a speaker you are. I wanted to thank you for bringing forth the message you did in that I got to hear the message too through my wife. She really likes her purse too!

Valarie said...

Girl, I'm so glad to hear of God's faithfulness to you - AGAIN! He is so good!!

Thanks for being such an awesome example of fighting the fatigue of the flesh and allowing the Lord to use you!
I love ya girl.
(LOVE that comment above! You're "speakin" to the men too!! YOU GO GIRL! HAHA)

Nise' said...

Thank you Lord for being with Leigh Friday as she spoke Your words! I love what you said about never viewing ourselves as washed up and unusable! He does not call us to coast!