Friday, May 11, 2007

2nd post on Friday - Purses

All proceeds from purses go towards gas money for traveling, ministry expenses, and
meals on the road. Thank you!! If you see a bag from an earlier post and want to know
if it still available, please ask!
This is a soft pink and brown bag. Larger bag with lots of compartments.
Same bag as above (pink one), but black.

Neutral colored scripture bags.

Sassy scripture bags. Beaded handles!

Big bag with small pen mark on front - under "can". Discounted - $25 total.

Bigger black bags with great pockets, etc.

Vera Bradley "lookingish". Medium size bag, great bible holder!


Dori said...

I love the pink and brown -- how much and is it still available, ma'am? :)

I have to tell you that I can't just sit at my computer and read your posts. I have to print them out and then sit in the stillness of my house, no kids around anywhere, and read them. I love that you write that way, girl!!!

I never did tell you that I determined from the "BALANCED LIFESTYLE" DVD that you and I are living parallel lives -- soooooo much in common except that I'm a "tad" older than you.... :)! Oh yeah, and I am DEFINITELY not an aerobics teacher! :) Need to do aerobics, but not qualified to teach!!!!

Okay -- I'm rambling!!!


Love ya,

fuzzytop said...

Hi Leigh,

I'd like the pink "Vera Bradley-ish" purse if still available.

I really enjoy reading your blog; it's your authenticity, honesty and blatant love for our savior that so impresses me. I don't think I've left a comment before now, but I'd be remiss to not say something!

Have a richly blessed day!


Patty said...

Looks like my friend Dori is eyeing my pink and brown purse. LOL! Dori and I have alot in common. Anyway, I was thinking of you and wanted to know how things went last night? Can't wait to read about it.

Happy Mother's Day!

CrownLaidDown said...

So very pretty Leigh...makes me want another one, but I will exercise restraint!

I pray that your time with your home church goes well. Love your posts!
Happy Mother's Day, Leigh!

Jim & Becky said...

I am very very very VERY interested in the neutral/tan one with the bead handle...

I just found you thru another mom who reads your blog, so will check back on a regular basis now.

Lemme know where to send the $$, okay?



Jim & Becky said...

I would like the tan/neutral one with the beaded handle. Will check back again to find out where to send the $$.

Found you thru another mom who reads your blog.


Becky in Okla

Leigh Gray said...

Hey Becky - yes that purse is still available... It is $25 plus $8 shipping. Let me know where I can send it. Cash, check, or paypal is best.


ADrienne - are you still intested too?

Dori - pink and brown for you?

Patty - I can easily get another pink and brown if you want???

Let me know girlies - happy Mother's day!!

annie said...

I love the pink & black one that has Mark 10:27! How much is that one?
Also, do you have any that say "believe?" That is my word to live by now.

eph2810 said...

Are you still selling these purses? I know you are in NC right now, but could you contact me. I really, really, really would love a purse with Philippians 4:13 :)