Wednesday, May 16, 2007

329 - Sacrifice for Free

Dear Lord, Good morning! It is a beautiful, cool, brisk morning - I wish i had gone running this morning before the day got going, but oh well. Last night at Plainview was amazing. There was a huge storm that ripped through the area and did a ton of damage. A few trees fell on cars parked in various locations. The power flickered many times. In the middle of speaking the power went off to the point that I thought it was going to stay off. It was kind of freaky - I don't think my mic ever turned off - I still sounded "on". Anyway, I delivered the Balanced Lifestyle message and think it went over well. I feel very, very comfortable in that church - lots of ladies i know briefly, but have always heard a ton about through the years. Great God-fearing people there!

So this morning I have come to the end of 2 Samuel. The devotional book is not done as I am sure we will have to go through David's death and bury him as well. But we are getting close. Verse 24 of chapter 24 is a huge verse for me. "No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing." Wow - what a statement. David has come to a point that God is punishing Israel for a reason that we as the reader really don't know. There are many speculations, but to me the important part is that God does punish, reprimand, or discipline His children. I think we think He is so good that He could never get on to me. Or when we are going through something tough and unexplainable it has to be Satan messing with us instead of a result of our own disobedience. Isn't it so much easier to blame someone else instead of "me".

But in normal David fashion, he takes the blame and seeks the Lord for His people. He decides on a 3 day plague that kills 70,000 Israelites. At the end of the plague David seeks to build an alter and offer a sacrifice. The man tries to give him the land and materials for the sacrifice, but David says "No, what good is a sacrifice that costs me nothing." Wow, that is amazing words. See this is the same place that according to the commentary that Abraham went to sacrifice Issac. This was a known spot for giving what is most precious in order for the Lord to move or have more of Him in your life.

Lord Jesus - how many times do I try to get something for free? I want to be blessed, but not go through the refining fire to get there. I want to be more like You, but yet not suffer in any of Your sufferings! Oh Jesus I am guilty of wanting more of You, but not wanting it to cost anything of me. What good is a sacrifice that costs me nothing. Lord, help me - Teach me what You might be asking for. Teach me to give of myself or anything else to be obedient unto You. Lord, teach me to what sacrifice really means. Does it scare me? Yes, just a bit - ok, a lot! Lord, I know You are safe and faithful and certainly trustworthy. May I listen to Your words and respond. May I seek Your face and understand more of You. Lord, may I be willing to release the clenches I have on certain things wiling to give them completely to You. I love you!!

I was suppose to speak in Omaha this Friday, but am unable. Have a family situation that must be checked on. I hate to leave that church in a pickle like that, but I must go. He will provide i know that for sure. I am so excited to go home to Charlotte in June. It will be a really fast trip, but I am so excited to see a few faces. Thank you Lord for the things you are doing in me. Thank you for another beautiful day. I am excited to see what You do today! I love you!


Valarie said...

Girl, you better see this face while you're in Char. I need to squeeze that neck of yours!!!

Glad to hear things went well last night.
Love ya

Nise' said...

Glad it went well at your speaking engagement. Sorry that you have to miss one this weekend. I confess I want to be blessed without going thru the refining fire as well. You are not alone my friend!

Shelly said...

Wish I could come hear you speak! I enjoy reading your comments off the LPM blog, and have hopped on over to your blog through that. It's always a privilege to get to learn/glean from those who are walking a few steps ahead. Thank you!
Whew...still feasting on that 2 Sam. 24:24 verse...

Deborah said...

I praise God for His faithfulness, may you go from strength to strength, might woman of faith.
love always