Tuesday, May 22, 2007

337 - Let's Get Personal

Heavenly Father - what a beautiful morning. We have been sleeping with the windows up, had the windows up for some time now, and I just love hearing or being awakened by all the birds singing. Ok - maybe at 4:30 it is not so pleasant, but anytime after 5am i love it!!

This morning I am in 1 Chron. 29:1-10 - oh it is really good. David is telling more about all he has saved up for the temple building - to be built. It is a massive amount of stuff, well not stuff, but materials, jewels, gems - all kinds of building things. Then in verse 3 David explains that he is also giving of his personal treasure. Oh this is good. It reminds me of many different things. We give our tithe and that is like giving back part of what God provided us. But then God will spur us on from time to time to give above and beyond that - an offering. Something personal that might even hurt or at best take an increased faith especially if funds are not there. Or I remember a friend fasting, the Daniel fast, and then God told them to step it up beyond what others may be doing - take it personal.

I praise you Lord as you definitely gave to us, all mankind, more than we could have ever dreamed - and still do. But then you took it personal. You sent your very own son to die for us - now that is taking it personal. Oh Father - I just want to say thank you for such a sacrifice. I don't think I go to the cross near enough. Thank you for the love, thank you for the grace, and thank you for showing us what it really means to die to self and give up all. Lord, have you called me to something personal and I just have not noticed or been willing. Speak to my heart and show me Lord. Show me the ways I have not "gone there" with you. Show me the areas that you are requiring more and where I may be stopping short of what you have in mind! Oh Lord, I want to be pleasing in your sight and I want to be obedient!! Oh, do your work, Lord.

The other quick thing that I love about this passage is in verse 9. "The people rejoiced at the willing response of their leaders". Oh what a beautiful thing, but also a reminder. We are all leaders whether we want to or not. Some may be leading preschoolers, some are leading the world. But oh how important for those you are leading to see your sacrifices as well. Not in a bragging kind of way, but as example. I went to a church a few weeks ago in Kansas and this women's group was using another church for their retreat. The pastor of that church - no relation to the ladies using the church - was there the whole time and unbelievable in his giving. He certainly did not have to, but he wanted to! Then at my church recently when i spoke there we had a dinner and everything. My own pastor and other men served us dinner - even high school boys. The other thing that was impressive was my very own pastor helped me set up my resource table - purses and such! Now that is giving and sacrificing to me. What does it make me want to do - rejoice, sure, but then give back and help as well. Our church has this huge Memorial Day thing coming up and Clay and I have really struggled with what we are suppose to be doing. Sure, easy to give a few dollars to help another buy food or whatnot, but getting in their with the hands and doing something I think is even more sacrificial!! Oh Lord, show us!!

Lu Lu got fixed yesterday. Poor thing - just laying around and so tired. Kids are on a school count down! I am ready for school to be out. Going to close totally on this house today. Got more baseball practice. Going to the school to sell more purses on Wednesday - I am really excited about this. Tucker has his first zit, but has no fingernails to actually pop it good. hee hee God is good, all the time - I am sure! I love you!


Nicki said...

Good stuff Leigh! Thanks!!

Karen said...

I love how you just open yourself up here on your blog. It is such a blessing! Thank you!

In Him~

Tracy Hurst said...

It was so good to hear from you! I am sorry for Lu Lu....It is hard to believe that school is nearly out - I bet you and your kids have great summers together! Enjoy your cool weather b/c in Atlanta it's hot girl! The mornings are wonderful, but by 10:00 it's hot!!!
Sure love you!

Anonymous said...

i loved what you said about take it personal. it really spoke to my heart.

thanks for stopping by my art blog and your comments.

Deborah said...

I loved that talking about personal sacrifice gee you make it so easy to follow. I posted my dates that I am talking on my blog have a look. Thank you for your encouragement. love always me