Friday, May 25, 2007

340 - David's Last Words + Update

Lord Jesus - wow what a day yesterday. My vet called and asked about Lu Lu yesterday morning and I told him she was still doing that hacking thing kind of like trying to throw up. He wanted to see as soon as i could get 4 kids dressed since there was no school and get there. Kids looked cute, i was a wreck - ball cap, workout clothes that were probably stinky, but that is life. So He took her temp and basically my dog, new dog, precious dog, Lu Lu has a inflamed throat - kind of like strep throat - aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee - I want to run and hide!!! So he gave her a shot in her NECK and she is also on an antibiotic. Nice!!!!

I am not sure if any readers check the Prayer Request blog connected with this site - if not go there. But the lady that bought my house in Charlotte contacted me about liking everything and all that. So we have been emailing back and forth. She emailed yesterday to tell me about someone in her life that had a growth and of course they were scared. So this is when i forwarded it Valarie, Prayer Request Coordinator, to lift this one up. If there is such a thing as someone having a direct line to the Lord, or at least others having a closer lean to HIS ear - Valarie does. (IF YOU EVER NEED US TO PRAY FOR YOU, PLEASE LET US KNOW. VALARIE WILL DO IT AND THINGS WILL HAPPEN. I HAVE THAT MUCH CONFIDENCE IN HER PRAYER LIFE!! WONDERFUL WOMAN!) Donna, the lady that bought my house, emailed this morning to say that the cyst was benign and praising the Lord. Can you believe the way the Lord has connected us through the internet............ amazing!!

Things with the Believing God series are really coming together - Praise you, Lord. I was concerned to say the least and now it is looking great. I am excited by all the churches that will be represented at my house. It is a dream or vision YOU are bringing into fruition. I have always called it the Nehemiah Mission. The CHURCH of our Lord is coming together to pray and lift up one another and of course lift Him up. Oh I can hardly wait. Next Thursday is the day!

Did I tell you Farmer Gray - that would be me - got a truck and that the garden is doing well. Yes, that is right, for the most part, i drive a truck. I have always called the suburban a truck, but now we have a real truck!! It is gray and has the doors that open both ways. All 6 of us fit in it. It is fun, but not for a long ride!!! Kids can touch too much! Get this - it has no CD player or even tape player. Doesn't have electric windows or anything. Basic to say the least. We got it from an old farmer. It even has plastic or rubber floor boards so I can literally hose it out......... Oh, you should have seen the boy at McDonald's as i was rolling down the window. I don't think he had ever seen someone self-roll a window down. I just smiled real big!!! ha ha ha ha!

My son did a fantastic job in his game on Wednesday. Really the whole team did wonderful. Good group of kids, very talented. Tucker closed out the game pitching. A girl did come up to bat and i must admit i was panicked. I didn't want a "girl" to get a hit off him. (Can you sense just a tad how competitive I am.) I wanted him to save face - I really didn't want just her not hitting off him, I wanted a strike out. I mean, I am terrible!! Strike 1, 2, 3 - she was out. Momma breath a sign of relief. Oh I was so proud!!! I love baseball and him pitching.

I just found out our little newspaper in town is getting moved in who it is run by. I was all set up to start a column in it about parenting, but now that may be all squooshed. I don't know! I am a little sad. I have to speak at my in laws home church on June 10th. I am sooooo scared. It is a small Methodist church and I am filling in for the pastor. WHAT - i know crazy. I was not sure i was going to do it. I do not preach - hear me - i do not preach. I speak encouraging words and hopefully inspiring words to bring others closer to Him, NOT PREACH!!! I really contemplated on whether doing this or not. I prayed and prayed and sought much counsel. All lights were green and so i agreed. I am not sure i have ever been so nervous other than speaking in front of all my aunts and cousins, mom, and friends one night. This is tough!!!

My friend Tamy Davidson left for Brazil on a mission medical trip yesterday or actually the wee hours this morning!! Oh Lord, give them great experiences and many, many receptive to the call of Christ!!! What a precious servant!

So - now that all that update is finished - phewwwwwwwww - that was exhausting and no one may even care. I just like to make sure when I am old and gray i can look back at things HE was doing. So this morning i was in the end of I Chron. David has died and Solomon is blessed and reigning greatly as his father did. Legacy continues on. You know it reminds me of what we as women of God could be in store for. Beth Moore's youngest daughter, the one that is suppose to be a replica of her, just finished a rigorous degree from Moody Bible College. She received her masters. She is an incredible writer and I would think great deliverer. Oh, I think we as women as in for more great years from the Moore family. Who knows, He knows!

Scholars say Ps. 71 is one of David's last writings. The other day i was discussing with a friend about how we know if God is testing us through a trial or if Satan has been allowed to "get" at us or all of the above. I said the bottom line to it all - our reaction. It doesn't really matter in the long run from who the trial or struggle or hard time is coming, but how we react to it and what we do with it. That reaction may be the true test and the struggle is just a stimulus. (Holy cow, i think i just used a science word from college psychology classes!!) Anyway listen to this scripture...............

"Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God, you who have done great things. Who, God is like you? Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up." See that word in italics -made - it is translated Ra ah meaning "to understand intellectually, to ascertain, to perceive or examine, to discover, to experience. I think of it this way - it is not important to understand or perceive how trouble came our way - as if we can do things differently and they will never come. It is important that i ascertain, discover, experience the lesson He may be trying to teach me through the struggles, hard times, etc. It is my reaction that can lead me to listening, being still, submitting, etc. can the understanding comes or it can be my fits, grumpiness, impure thoughts, sour attitude that keep me from perceiving and experiencing. Oh man - this is a good lesson He is giving me. Thank you, Lord.

So that is about all I can live with today. Good and bad both come filtered through His hands. Satan can not mess with us without permission from the Father - keep that in mind!! Oh Lord, how precious and wonderful you are. You want me to learn lessons and become more wise not just go through life doing life. Lord, open my ears and eyes to see, hear, and learn - perceive!!! Help me Father - You have much work to do. I love you!

Off to get my eyebrows peeled off my face and some lip hair - ugh!!!!!!!!! i cry every time!! Got end of school parties and SJ K-5 screening. Hopefully an easy weekend - yeah right!

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