Wednesday, May 30, 2007

347 - My Heroes

Look at my husband mouth and pinkie finger.
Now go to the last picture and look at my son.
Clay played college ball - Union University.

Some gentleman took this picture for us outside an ice cream store. People asked if my girls were triplets... I always dress them alike.

This is my dad's perfect shot - he NEVER misses.

This is my momma. Look at those arms - she got guns! She never misses either, especially three point shots.

Once again, look at my son's pinkie and mouth and then look at my husband's in the first picture. Apples don't fall far from the trees. Love it!!

Lord Jesus, my heart is a tad heavy this morning. Partly because Clay had to be somewhere really early this morning and i spelt in - makes for a "heavy" day. But my heart is heavy and hopeful all at the same time. I am always hopeful because HE, You Lord, are the Hope of Glory. But my heart is heavy because of the legacy I am leaving is not always pretty. Lord, I pray you pick up the pieces where I left them fall. I pray You help me to be consistent where I fall short. Help me to show my kids a life of Jesus and not so much mouth it out. Help me to love more and not preach so much to the kids. Oh Lord, i am deficient - But You are my whole Redemption. Lord, be my Redeemer. Thank you for your salvation in every way.

Thinking about raising kids and mistakes or "sins of the father" really concerns me. I know I am in a non-trusting state this morning. Forgive me Lord. I know You have all things under control and You have given me wonderful examples to live by and follow, but still you always wonder if it something "I" am doing to make the kids do this or that. OK - enough of that worrying. That is not of the Lord and I repent of those thought processes Lord. Consume me Lord, especially my thought life. Oh Lord, teach me to savor every moment like the Blogger from Especially Heather has had to learn to do. She is the one with brain cancer and given 3-5 years to live. Lord, how you must be smiling down on her. She is so filled with you and trusting in you. I love her example you have put before me!!! Thank you and forgive me!

I am not sure i have shared a too tremendous amount on this blog about my parents. They are incredible people. Not slowing down one bit and really healthy people. They are Senior Olympians. My mom has always done sprinting, tennis, and now is crazy about basketball. My dad has consistently done basketball. They have many, many, many metals to their names! Many years ago before I had kids I got to go to Arizona with them to see them preform. It was one of my favorite trips ever. I was so impressed seeing 85 and even 90 year old runners, swimmers, basketball ball players - just every sport known to man!! Just like the "young" Olympics. It was inspiring! I walked around proud as a peacock.

My dad is an engineer. He is very patient and quiet. He is great with the kids and they love him dearly. Dad will take long walks in the forest, will sit and hold the girls, and will instruct in basketball with much enthusiasm. My mom is the energetic one. She is going to be loud, play hard on the floor, and teach them to shop, ha ha! Both of my parents have been so instrumental in helping Clay and I raise the kids. Great advice and wisdom have always come from them. They are incredibly generous. Just too good to us. I could go on and on!

Last time we were at home I took some pictures of what you can find all of us doing very often - basketball. Some pictures are of mom, dad, my husband, and my son - Tucker. I hope you enjoy because i certainly did and do!! Bless all of them Lord. Give us many, many more years of being active together and loving together. Keep them safe as they push on through injuries, through hard workouts, through practice, and just simply through age. I love them so, Lord. Heroes - they are my heroes.


RealEstateGirl said...

What a beautiful post. I love your way with words.

Found your site from one click, then another...I think I started at Crown Laid Down and ended up here...

So glad I did! What a wonderful family you have! I'll be back to check in on you often!


Nise' said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family. I want to be and look like your mom when I am her age, go Leigh's momma! I hear you heart here Leigh: "I know I am in a non-trusting state this morning. Forgive me Lord. I know You have all things under control and You have given me wonderful examples to live by and follow, but still you always wonder..." Love you girlfriend!

Have you seen how your dream meme is sweeping over blogland? It is so awesome to read what others are believing God for!

Nise' said...

oops hit send before I was finished.

Love to see Him High and Lifted UP!

Valarie said...

Firl you know I was crackin up over the Clay/Tucker shot!!! Love it! Your momma and daddy are just adorable!! All I can say is cherish every moment because they are gone WAY too soon.

Thank you for not being afraid to let it all hang out for us!! There's times I live in the non-trust state and don't think I would've told a soul. Good thing Go's well of forgiveness, mercy and grace NEVER runs dry!!

I love ya girl!