Sunday, May 27, 2007

Win a Purse

A Cute Little Purse

While I was over visiting Iris, I found this cute Dooney and Bourke purse giveaway. An added bonus is Victoria Secret perfume. It is being held over at Pinks & Blues Blog. I went ahead and threw my name in the ring and you can too! Just go on over there and sign up!! You only have until June 1st.

I am a nerd!!!!!!!!!!!! for the life of me i can not get this cute purse to copy/paste on my blog................ why can't I be techy............... ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - remember if you are not a winner - I sale very cute cheap purses if you might be interested in seeing some. Just let me know I would be glad to send you some pics!!!!! Once again if i were techy I could just tell you to go here and here or click here or whatever all you great bloggers know how to do - and you could see some of the things that i have. But nope!!! Just got to email me and then i can send you pics!! Thanks and have a wonderful time at church praising Him!

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Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Thank you so much for this great plug for the purse! I really enjoyed looking through your blog... you are a great writer! I will stop by more! :)
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues