Friday, July 27, 2007

401 - Glory, just shout it!

Oh I can hardly contain myself. What a day, what a week, what a future with my Lord. On Wednesday I drove the kids down to Nashville to meet my parents. We were able to see my dad play in 2 of his basketball games. They won one and lost one just on that day. Overall they took home the bronze. No, I am not kidding!!!!!!!! It was awesome. There was one man there 92 years old competing in bowling. How cool is that!!! Oh if i can ever be that way!!! Dad had to guard this man that was 7 feet tall. It was hilarious when he put his hands up - he was a giant. My dad has a killer fade away jumper that came in handy against this guy. Dad's shot has a really high arch which was a must to get it over the 7 foot guy just when his hands weren't up. I loved watching all of it. I can't wait to see my mom at the next event!! She is even more competitive and scrappy!!! They both are fighters!! Love it!!! Tucker loved seeing it all too! So I left and the kids went to Knoxville with my parents for a few days!!

On my way out of town I met Dori for lunch!! It was as wonderful as i had expected and she is just as kind and fun as i had expected as well! Her little daughter was adorable and just a sweety. Loves her momma - oh yea oh yea!! We ate a quaint little shop in downtown Franklin. I told Clay we have got to come back to there soon!! I had lots of stuff i wanted to see!

And today - we close on our new/old house - the fixer upper!!! I can not wait to get in there and wash the floors... I can not wait to take down all the ugly curtains - open it up - just start tearing down wallpaper, etc. I wish i had my mom down here - she is all about a project. But she is helping by keeping the kids a few days. That is a project i guarantee! I will post pictures soon!

I have asked a college friend and now woman in ministry to pray about partnering with me in ministry and seeing where God would lead us. And then I talked for forever on the phone on the way home yesterday to another lady in ministry about collaborating some things! It is very exciting as well. She lives in Iowa. Our hearts were very much speaking the same thing and desiring to go to the same places!! It was wonderfully exciting!! If nothing else, I have a new friend and I love that!

So today my quiet time really focused on the life of D.L. Moody. Oh i have got to read his biography!!! The key verse was my first confirmation verse for ministry, specifically speaking. 2 Chron. 16:9. "The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen a heart that is fully committed to Him." I can remember the pew i was sitting in when He placed that scripture on me and pressed in my heart - "this is for you!!! DO it, be it, and show it!!" O how awesome that moment was - a time that i could not even jump up or say anything - well i could have, but i would have made a spectacle of myself and really distracted the preacher to say the least! DL Moody a man of little education just said yes. He poured his heart out to many and was determined to be used to any degree. He not necessarily understood his calling, but that he wanted to leave a legacy and make a difference. He just said yes to the Lord and was fully committed!!!

Let's do it Lord - let's go - yes, Lord, Yes!!!! I want to be fully committed and say yes!!! Whatever it is!!! Thank you Lord - thank you for whatever and however and whenever!!! I love you!!!!!!!!! Oh sweet Jesus - I love you!


jen said...

Sister you are just leaping off the screen with excitement to me! How awesome to see God put such a passion in your heart. :) Yep, I'll shout some Glory with you! I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Connie Barris said...

I love that song.. Yes Lord Yes....I forgot how it goes.. do you know which one?? I can hummmmm

I am hoping to see Dori in Nashville in Sept.. coming up for a meeting... do you live close to Nashville??

Hope you have a great weekend

Shelly said...

And congrats on the closing of the house!

And praise Him for kindred spirits you can do ministry life with. What a blessing.