Monday, July 30, 2007

402 - It May Hurt or Stretch You!

Lord Jesus - good morning! It is a great morning and I am so thankful to be up and at 'em! My body is so tired. We closed on the house on Friday and have been working non-stop since then. We have trimmed bushes, pulled and pulled and pulled on wallpaper. Many places we have it down to the plaster, but still there is the scraping to do. My in laws have been a huge help and support for which I am very grateful. And of course my parents have my kids which makes for a home run! I know things will slow down once we are back to "full capacity".

Clay and I did take some time on Saturday to go to New Harmony, one of the original utopia societies. I would love to go back soon. I love all the old homes, I love the stories, I love the antiques.......... I don't know where i got all those likes. My parents are not into antiques and we have never had any of all that. But i do remember when I lived in Massena, NY being fascinated with my friends' older homes. Sarah Shangraw's home was just incredible!! I loved all that!

This morning I have an "interview" kind of thingy with a small college about teaching some courses possibly. I am excited to know the possibilities. It could be really fun and quite an opportunity for me - one that I could actually work with while i am still home with kids! Thank you Lord in advance for whatever you may be doing there. I want to hear from you as to whether I walk through this door or not. If you need to close it and make there be no opportunities I pray that be very clear and obvious!! Thank you Lord!

I wish there was some way I could express all that I am "feeling" in my heart right now. I am so terribly excited and just want to jump out of my skin, but at the same time I do not know why. I feel something coming - yes, sure it has to be the excitement with the house, but it is something more. I told Clay the other night I felt like God was going to ask something of us and it would require a bit of sacrifice or just the mere fact of Him wanting to take us to another level with Him. And then today I read in my quiet time about the life of William Carey. He was a man that was called to India and went with a wife kicking and screaming. The first years were terrible - diseases took his young son and then that eventually drove his wife mad.... that alone took her life leaving him to raise 2 kids. Many, many, many times God will ask us something to do and when it does not work out or we have the slightest opposition, we cave. We may think we are being smart and discerning what is best for the family, but in actuality when the heat is turned up we cave. I have caved, i still cave at times!! Ugh!! Despite it all, Carey went on to do absolutely amazing things because he would not stop, be defeated, and let Satan ruin his day. The most important thing William Carey knew - when God confirmed something to him through scripture - he stuck with it. He stayed the course and lived it out!!! Oh I love that!

Oh Lord, help me. I know the Word says we are to leave everything and follow You. I know the Word says we are to turn our backs on all things and follow You! I will also say that I know that as a wife and mother it is not You calling me to turn my back on my family. I am still under that authority of my husband and You have tremendously blessed me with 4 small children. But i can not forget the day you told me to "Go to Africa and tell the women what it is like to be "Held" by the Father. I am still praying to be asked to go to Alaska. I would love to go overseas. Not to just do those things, but ti would be a stretch, it would be a sacrifice, it would be a privilege!!! I just don't know the timing! I guess my responsibility is to hold fast to the confirmations God gave me and wait for Him to open the doors. I hope and pray I am willing to not just walk through, but run and fly with those wings of eagles!

The author this morning said "If you are bored, you may be slightly out of touch with God." Oh how i am so in tune with that statement, but it also scares me just a bit! Boredom is what i have felt this summer... Not being able to just get up and go to the pool or get up and go to the mall or meet someone at Chick-fil-a or Chuckie Cheese (oh i hate that place)............... but because everything is at least 1 hour away i have been quite bored. BUT GOD - He has been so good to me. In advance God prepared for me to go to Charlotte 3 times this summer to give me a "break". From my perspective Tucker breaking his arm was a blessing in that I did not feel so guilty about not taking them swimming everyday as we always did in Charlotte. Kids were able to go to my parents in the middle of summer to break it up for them. Our house closing when it did has given me more things to do.................. See, But God - He is just so good!!! And now that my friend Ginger has decided to collaborate with me in ministry i feel like i have so much to work on and get to doing!!! And that LOVE that part!!! Oh Jesus, you are so so so so so so wonderful!

Galatians 6:9 "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Oh Lord - that is the cry of my heart. I do not want to become weary - I want to go go go go where you want me to go. I want to do what you ask me to do and I want to be excited and energized in your calling! Lord, help me to understand what it is you have for me - this day - not be thinking about 2 years from now, but this day!! I want to see a harvest, but I know now it the time to do!!! Not sit and wait, but do!! Lord, get me off my toushy and let's go!! Here are some things I am asking You about..........

1) Do i do another Beth Moore study in the fall and where and which one? At church, at home?

2) Do I start an aerobics class?

3) In setting up Speaking Thru Me - what actions do I take now?

4) Do i send Elleigh to preschool?

5) ????????????????????????????????????? What Lord?

I will not give up in doing good - I WILL wait for your confirmations - and will stick to the plan You confirm! I am excited to see the harvest - oh Lord, show me your glory!! I love you!


Irritable Mother said...

Praying for you today, my friend.
Asking God to lead you in what you are to do, and to help you know when to just BE.
Thanks for sharing your heart and love for God!

Nicki said...

Wow.......well, first I can relate totally to the body terribly tired part....girl...we have been working non-stop too only we have been trucking all three of these girly's along with us. Although, my mil was very gracious to keep them all one night for us!

It seems like God is doing amazing things in your life right now....kinda like waiting for doors to be opened and TA DA....there they are and it's it's all at once. WOW girl!!

Jumping up and down with you!! Rejoicing with you!! Praise the Lord for the mighty works He is going to do through you and His ministry though you!! Keep on!!

And I'm SO SORRY about the wallpaper....ugh. =)

Sharon said...

Yes, the waiting--I will stay there too.
I having been talking to my pastor about an urgency in the air. It has been utmost on my mind lately.
I look forward to hearing what His plans are for you and for me.

Kim said...

I think everyone is cramming in summer activities before school begins. Just wanted to encourage you by leaving a post today. I pray that things are going well for you and I am really praying for your ministry. Have a blessed day!

SingForHim@Real Life said...

Amen, Leigh! I'm trying to plan out how much I will work and volunteer when the kids go back to school, but it's hard to know exactly what God is calling me to, and what just seems like a good idea. I'll pray for you as you make these decisions.

Also, I remember a post of yours about speaking positively about our husbands on our blogs. That really hit home with me, because(even though I never did) Hubby was always concerned that I was trashing him to others. I encourage him to read what I say about him so I won't be tempted to vent. It inspired me to do a group project on Friday, in which we all give our husbands the "Man of the Year" award, and brag about their great traits.

Anyway, if you want to participate, come by!

Amy Kate said...

I'm praying for ya'll as you get your house ready, I know that can be a trying process especially with school about to start back for the kids. Have a great day friend.

Shelly said...

You are too precious Leigh. I'm sorry...should I say Mrs. Leigh? lol

Hold fast to His promises. He is a God of Time and Timing...I know He has mind-blowing things in store for you, and I cannot wait to be able to watch from blogland where He directs your steps. Go girlfriend!

connorcolesmom said...

God has so many plans for us and we often want the answers revealed right away!
Thank you for your honesty and truth.
I will pray for God's direction in youf life and for Him to make it "clear and obvious"
BTW: I loved the reminder of the William Carey story now that is dedication. I pray I have faith like that :)

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Can't wait to see what God does!

Nicki said...

Ok girl.......where are you?? Hope everything is ok, update soon, I'm missing you!!