Friday, August 10, 2007

407 - Joy Joy Joy and pain!! Sunshine and rain

Good morning Lord Jesus - Believing God really is done now. We watched the last video last night and it was incredible. As much as the group of us from all very different backgrounds, etc. have opened up and been real, there is always a sense of holding back. There were some times last night in the video I wanted to give a shout out, but held back. I want to watch that one again. By faith Leigh............ What is it going to be Lord? I am ready to walk. My final challenge to the ladies last night was for one week, providing they started their day with Him, to respond to every prompting they received from the Spirit. The Spirit will only tell you to do good things and appropriate things, but how we will ever know and begin to believe God and walk in that if we don't start responding to His promptings? Yes, we will get it wrong at times and miss judge what we thought He wanted us to do, but again how will we get used to what is Him talking and what is use talking if we don't start responding to it all. So, that is what we are going to do - respond to what we believe is the promptings of the Spirit! We are believing to be under His influence and therefore are responding to what He leads us to do!

Alisha and I along with her church youth group and adults went to Holiday World. It was awesome!!! Worth every penny!! I loved it!! The kids loved it. It was a blast! Tucker brought a neighbor friend and that helped in that area! It was great! I think season passes would be a great thing next year!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

So where do I go from here? Where do You want me to go in my quiet time studies? It is real easy to revert back to the Psalms - favorite - but I think I had better go with Your leading - New Testament, specifically Philippians. I was reading the background information and it is well know that Philippians is a book about joy. It is mention 16 times in just the 4 chapters! BUT, this book was written by Paul after his first imprisonment.................what, joy after prison???????? I call that crazy, but that's Paul! Oh I can't wait to shake his hand and give him a big hug one day in Glory! I wonder if i will be taller than him - I hate hugging men I am taller than! yuck!

I read the first chapter and many things jumped out at me, but more than anything the beginning and end! In chapter 1 verses 3, 4, and 5 are such a blessing. He says that he thanks God every time he remembers "you" and that he prays with joy - always - because of their partnership in the gospel. How often do I remember to thank God for someone in my life that may not have given me a prayer request? I think of people often in my life, but do I always pray with joy about that person? It is like most things I think we take those that have asked nothing of us for granted. I have those on my frig. that I pray for often because they have asked - and it is a privilege that they have asked for prayer. I truly mean that! But what about those friends that are just there in my life and have asked for nothing, just friends and family that are tried and true? Lord, help me to remember them more frequently and tell them why they make me smile or bring joy to my face!

"Partnership in the gospel" - we are all partnering in this spreading of the gospel. DO I thank God near enough for those that are doing more and those that are just riding the gravy train? Let's be honest - if they are doing things to spread the gospel and it brings recognition to their name, many times we are not thrilled. We think, why couldn't I have done that? Why doesn't He call me to do something cool like that? When is He going to use me in that way? Because the end of that verse states that He who began a good work will see it to fruition! I have to remeind myself when I get in the pity party, left out, jealous kind of state - God is using them in whatever fashion to lift Himself up! It is for the purpose of bringing other to Him and not from them to have a greater resume. It is all about Him.............and not me! We are in this partnership together and it is strengthening the whole even if it just brings one into the flock! But what about those that are doing nothing to strengthen the whole or even causing detriment to the team/partnership? I think in a way Paul is saying we still thank God for them that even though they are appearing to make it more rough for the team, it too has purpose, and He will see it to completion! It is believing - Thank you Lord for what this person is going through or how they have fallen away from a passion with You because I am believing You are going to bring them back as use it as a testimony of Your grace and mercy!

The last part real quick and I will go into this more tomorrow or actually Monday since i try not to blog on the weekend - in verse 27 he states to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel. AND THEN down in verse 29 he says that it is "granted" by Christ that we not only believe on Him, but also to suffer for Him. Wow - that is some good stuff. Yep, that is right, Paul counts believing God and suffering both as a privilege and something He has granted to us! Wow!!! The suffering is what we will discuss tomorrow! Because in suffering is usually when we do not conduct ourselves worthy of the Gospel! Amazing!

Not too much planned today. I am going to Carmi today to meet an old friend from elementary school. She is my kids PA and just a best friend a friend could ever be. I know she is not an angel because I have seen her belly button, but she certainly does act like one. We lived up in New York at the same time and then later an hour apart in high school. Lisa is incredible!!! We also have a birthday party tonight with a neighbor. So a good, hot, fun today ahead! You are good Lord, thank you!


CrownLaidDown said...

After I did Believeing God, I did Jennifer's Rothschild Lessons I learned in the Dark. It's also about faith and goes really well with Believing God. Then I did Patriarch's which was about the Hall of Faith. By faith...Holly. They are all so very good!
Have a great weekend, Leigh!

I think the spaghetti on Beauty and the Bedroom is really funny!
Love ya!

Ang baylis said...

I LOVED Believing God! It was my very first Beth Moore study and I just can't say enough about how it has changed my life! I am doing the study of David now...90 days with A Heart Like His. I can't think of a better way to start my day!

My blog is named "By Faith...Angie" in honor of that study!

Angie xoxo

ange said...

PUMP it up girlfriend. I am so glad to be back from vacation and have access to you again. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing what God is doing through you with us.