Thursday, August 09, 2007

406 - I'm Done

Lord Jesus - I know as weird as it may sounds, I am done Believing God. No, no, no - I am not going to quit believing God, but i am done with the Bible study! It was even better the second time around and I would not hesitate doing it again and again! It is that good!! Thank you for all the wonderful writing and creative thoughts you gave to Beth Moore for this one. I think it may be her finest! I would even venture to say this was her foundational piece even though not her first. Never heard anything like that, but she alluded to that in the end! Thank you Jesus!

I just about don't know what to say from here. I get Believing God better than I ever have, but yet still so much to grasp. My small zoo victory on Tuesday is the beginning of hopefully many to come! But more than anything I want to get better about understanding and using the 5th principle - "God's Word is alive and active in me." I want to have a habit of stating His word and then standing on it for years to come!! What is the method you want me to do - stack of index cards with themes or issues? one verse a day to inhale all day? one issue at a time? one verse at a time for a week or so? There are so many different ways of implementing His Word and the point of it all is that you just have to start. Or excuse me I just have to start!!!!!!!!!

This morning I read that the church was the "pillar and foundation of all Truth!" 1 Tim. 3:15-16. Oh Lord I do believe it!! I want to inhale it and exhale the truth! Grow me Lord!

I have a prayer request for all readers out there! My son is growing up. He is pushing the boundaries and that in turn is pushing me. He is a good, good boy and would never act out away from home - at least up to this point! He wants to be big so bad and wants to do all that he thinks that means! ugh!!!! I know he is just trying to figure out what kind of man he is going to be and if he is still cool!! But it is driving me bonkers!! He is pressing every issue that is foundational around here. "Why do we have to listen Christian music? Can I play a "T" rated game if i buy it with my own money? Can I get a dirt bike? Mom, but what do bad words really mean? Mom, everyone goes to computer games that have chat. I just won't respond when others are asking questions. It is not a big deal, Mom. I don't want to say the prayer at dinner. I think pimping up a car is cool." (Yes, my head about spun off on that one!!! He does not even know what a pimp is, but better yet, how in the tarnation did he even know to say that word.) See, do you see what I mean?????????????? It is killing me! I have come to my greatest Believing God issue!!!

My kids........... my son is His! I have to train them and give them all the right preparation, but ultimately I must trust Him and Believe You Father to do a good work in and through them! That is my prayer so often right now - Oh Lord, set their heart on fire for You and do it early. The hardest thing with trusting right now is that we moved. In Charlotte we had christian school that was fabulous - it rivals all schools in that area. I mean every morning my kids' teachers would have not just prayer, but a devotion! They would journal their thoughts, take prayer requests, sing, just whatever to make it real for their age!! Oh I miss it!! So worth the price!! Then our church of 17,000 (i say that so you understand the massive amount of resources they had to work with.) spared nothing on its children's ministry. Yes, buildings were a bit dated, but vision and commitment was not! My kids had it all in terms of big city church with unlimited resources to train them up in the way they should go! Please hear me I am not knocking my new church or anything - you heard me write about Mrs. Cutchin yesterday and that is Tucker's SS teacher right now. Our church does awesome things with its children just like the one in Charlotte. But it is the school I miss so bad! I have had some people gasp at the thought of leaving Norris City and moving to Carmi. To me that is not a big deal. I can make any move because to me I left everything in Charlotte. I am not bitter - not at all - I am just at my pivotal Believing God point and this is one that I may not see His results until they are all grown up.

Doing what the Lord has asked of you takes guts and courage. There will never be a time that all agree or are happy for you - not ever!! I have had a wonderful time living in Illinois, but it is very different than where I came from. I do miss home, but I do love the new place He has for us. In those days that my faith is least I have a pity party of all that I left. But the one thing I come back to and is my rock - we are right in the middle of His will. I know that without a shadow of doubt! I miss the old, but know we are right where He wants us to be. Knowing that and having Him confirm that over and over is the way I rejoice in what He is doing now and what He will do in the future in and through my kids!! His plan is not mine - but i will obey and I will trust and I will believe!!! Having Him speak favor over me and confirmation in my life is all I need - all I need!!! All this and Jesus too!! Right Dori? I am blessed oh so blessed! May my life be as worship to you! I love you!


Darla said...

Hey Princess! There is nothing better than believing God, I also did the study twice, and then lead several other groups in it...such an anointing!!

I really believe HE is waking HIS bride up, and its time to get ready.

Loved your blog, and love your purses!! I will back to check that out again!

Princess to Princess

Dori said...


Good morning, friend!! Wee Doggy -- as we say here in the South -- that is some good preachin'!

Oh good grief, I just about went into a lengthy comment -- probably way too indepth for public viewing....

Watch for an e-mail...



P.S. Just so you know, I was listening to Beth's weekly lesson on and had to turn her off so I could totally take in what you were teaching in your post...Don't do that for everyone, my friend!! :)

Lisa said...

I don't know if you read my blog yesterday or not but you post this morning has spoke very high volume to me. Ya know I hear people all the time say "God spoked to me and said........." and I am not doubting that at all. But I can honestly say God is speaking to my husband about some things, speaking to me about the opposition. I don't won't to leave my church but if God says ya gotta do it, you better do it....Keep me in your prayers.........Lisa

jen said...

Good morning friend! I love your blog this morning. Believing God was the first Beth Moore study I did and about a month after I was done, God came calling. I will never forget the tug I felt while doing the study, how it got stronger the deeper I went in His word. I should say a month after i was done, I gave way to God's will for my life. It's when he called me to Vocational Ministry. Amazing.

About your son... Girl. I am right there with you. Only my son has chosen to push his boundries in public. I think there are going to be special blessings for those of us who raise boys. Mine are both strong willed and push their limits daily. Which in turn sends mommy to her Lord plenty of times during the day. But it's okay, maybe that's what God wants from us. :) I hope you have a blessed day today!

ps - the video you posted is terrific! Congrats!

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for you, Leigh. Mmm that's so hard and yet God promises us that He'll give us a Word when we need it. I'm praying that for you.

Kim said...

HGBCS misses you guys too!

Kim said...

HGBCS misses you guys too!