Tuesday, September 04, 2007

423 - Rejoice, Today is the day!

Oh Lord, how great and awesome you are. I lift up my hands or maybe one hand at a time as i type, to you!! Father you are wonderfully beautiful and so magnificent! I am in awe of you and incomplete surrender to You! Lord, I love you with all my heart, and want to learn to love you more. Lord, I want to be touched by the things that touch your heart and I want to ache over the things that make your heart ache!! Oh Lord - you are so mine and I ma yours!! I praise you!! Thank you for a wonderful weekend at my mom and dad's in Knoxville!!

Today is the day - so many things begin today.......

I begin my first real day of part-time work - I am a worker!!! Wow.... it has been almost 8 years! Thanks heavens for emailing so that I have not only kept up, but improved my typing!

I begin my aerobics classes through SIC, but will be located at the church, FBC Carmi! Yeah! 4:45 - bring your step, towel, and small weights. Come no matter what - even if you don't have your stuff yet. Come!!!

Today is the day a contest will begin with Boomama for a few of my purses to be given away. God orchestrated this before I ever knew that the non-profit fees were going to sky rocket by almost $700. He is watching out for me way far in advance!! This will hopefully bring in lots of interested purse buyers to further support Speaking Thru Me. That is so cool when you actually see that and get to live it out - His watching out for you. You know He is always doing it, but you know what I mean! For the record, I have received $175 in funds, sold 2 purses, and have had a few ask for my address to send support that way. One even said that she wanted to start giving a monthly kind of deal...................... Wow - now all that is worth shoutin' about!! Thank you Lord, thank you!! You see worth and are conveying that to others for support - Praise You Jesus!!!

Today is the day I begin my healthy eating. I think i am tricking myself when I don't say diet. I have said it before and yes i will probably say it again, but I have got to shed some weight. As with anyone else I hate it!! I would like to see 20 go, but i would be ecstatic to see 15 go bye-bye!!! Sitting hefty at 168 and that just ain't gonna cut it! Feel free to ask me how it is going! I want that, I need that. It is hard!!! The cruise I am speaking on is now 4 months away.................need I say more!!! Today is the day!!! Oh Lord - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today the the day I am going to begin a real quick study on the Proverbs 31 woman!! I am going to peel apart the verses with some help of my handy dandy commentaries and see what all i can learn and be encouraged. Even in studying the P31 Word, it is meant to encourage and not defeat!! The Word is for correction, but uplifting too!

S0.......10 [a] A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.
11 Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.

Verse 10 – noble character – military fortification, strength, power, able, virtuous, valiant, army, riches, wealth, substance……………. This is not talking about what one thinks of someone this is just simply stating that she is or implying that she is, not a hopeful expectation. A wife of noble character – she just is!! She is like having a military force in your court!! It is possible to find one or is it??? Oh yes, I have seen them myself before, but it is not the norm!

10 – wife – woman, wife, bride = just what you would think.

11 – has full confidence in her – heart, seat of emotions + to attach oneself, trust, confide in, feel safe, be confident, secure, confident expectation……………… This means that in his heart, the seat of his emotions, the heart to heart talks that he is able to have – in the very depths of that he finds trust, confidence, a safety, security in your relationship and security in you not changing too much or security in your own heart, confident expectations – you will do what you are suppose to do (loyalty, honesty, responsibilities, etc.) His heart can rest as he sees you coming or opening your mouth at dinner.

Rejoice - today is a great day!! I can't wait to see it unfold!!! I know YOU are with me every step of the way, thank you , Lord. Be with Andrea as she starts her new job as well. Oh Lord, let us get all the things done we need to - let us not neglect our families and may we make you proud with all the new things in our lives. Oh Lord, I can do all things through YOU who strengthens me!!! I love you! Amen!!


Dori said...

Wow -- what a day you have planned for yourself!!! I'm excited for you on so many levels and then remember that I can share that excitement with you IN PERSON at the end of this week!! Woo hoo!!!

By the way, I was just listening to John MacArthur or maybe John Piper (can't remember) teach on Proverbs 31 the other day and they said that it was probably the most dreaded passage to be studied by women because it seems to be unattainable.

My first thought was that I LOVE THIS PASSAGE! It was the focal passage of my pastor's challenge to me at my wedding and when I study it I realize that, in Christ, I really can be all of those things.

The second thought I had came this morning. Last night in our devotional with the kids we talked about idleness and the P31 woman was DEFINITELY not idle. I have a blog writing about the passage we studied, but I was challenged to "get busy and get on with it."

Thanks for sharing, friend!! Have a great new day in the workforce.

All this and Jesus, too!

Fran said...

"This is the day the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!!" You are glad and you are rejoicing and your heart reflects your love for Him!!

You go girl!

Valarie said...

GIRL! Love hearing how the Lord keeps providing for you! I miss my computer but every time I'm at the library I'm checkin on you! I've been prayin like crazy for that $700 to drop in your lap girl! HANG ON!

I love ya and miss ya like crazy! Oh yeah, can't even BELIEVE you put your weight on this blog!!!! DID YOU MEAN TO DO THAT OR WAS THAT A "DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD" MOMENT?! HAHAHAHAHA
Take care!

eph2810 said...

Oh, Leigh, I needed to read your post this morning - big time. You are so full of joy, it is contagious.
I wish I were in your neighborhood and could attend the step class with ya - I miss my step class, but the women's gym no longer exists...

I will email you, because I need two purses. One for a giveaway during my birthday week this month and one to send to a friend of mine.

eph2810 said...

Not sure what just happened to my comment....It is gone.

Shelly said...

Oh this sounds fun! What a day girlfriend! I was cracking up picturing you raising one hand and then another in praise to Him as you typed. LOVE it!

I praise Him that He has gone before you in all things, making a way for provision and being your Rear Guard as well. He is IT...and look out girlfriend - He will be taking you on an adventure on the red carpet that you've laid out for Him :)

Sharon said...

Praise God He is faithful. Someone once told me if the Spirit is in something you won't have to fight to keep it going--but if He is not you will have to fight to keep it from dying.
Here is to a long healthy ministry.