Wednesday, September 05, 2007

424 - Bring him harm??

Lord Jesus - wow what a great day. My baby Elleigh had a wonderful day at preschool and I had a great first day or work. Blessings, You are just too much Lord - thank you!! And let me tell you about aerobics. We are not able to have it through the college, SIC, but are just going to go straight through the church. LONG story, but this is best. Of course I was going to get paid through the college and it sure would have helped me to get this surprise additional money owed to the non-profit lawyer, but i know He will provide another way. It seems like He really wants to see His church (body of Christ) come through on this instead of directly from my pocket. It makes me more comfortable to just pay it, but I really think He is wanting to show me something in all this. Stretching my faith and showing me He can and will provide. What a joy to go through this with Him!

So aerobics - we had 14 ladies show up and 23 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome. The ladies were not beginners or at least did not act like it!! They got after it and we even had some screamers!!! How cool is that. For an aerobic teacher there is nothing better. I have heard Priscilla Shirer talk about how she loves her audience to talk back to her - same kind of thing with aerobics! If they don't "speak" then i think they are having too easy of a time and I push it up a level. I know in fact they could be out of breath and unable to talk, but usually............. oh it is just so much fun! I was able to start and finish with prayer and use all my Christian aerobic music. I was feeling a little unsure about that with SIC. Lord, thank you - bring us more!! It is going to be a great outreach for my church!! Yeah!!!

Went to bed at 9:30 last night. I could barely eat dinner I was so exhausted. I sent off one purse yesterday and got another order for 2 more yesterday. Iris is going to use one for another giveaway - is she precious or what!! You will have to check it out. It is later this month. Boomama has been slammed with a few things and so that contest giveaway might start later today or tomorrow. Nevertheless it too will be great! Thank you Jesus!!! Also had another lady say that she was going to send $25 and the Lord told her no - send $100. Can you believe that - wow, HE rocks!! This is going to be paid off way before i or the lawyer is expecting and I may not have to wait until my first real paycheck!! Thank you, Lord oh bless you Father!!!

"She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life." Prov. 31:12

Man that is such a small verse that packs such a powerful punch. Before I dissect the verse I want to think about how I bring harm or even potential ways to bring harm. Now I know there is a good chance I can bring some harm to the dinner table, but I think this verse is talking a little bit more about other things. How about when he walks out of the closet on Sunday morning or any morning and we say things like "I sure hope you don't think you are wearing that. or When did you ever think those 2 colors go together?" Sometimes we are really just kidding and having fun, but i am a firm believer in there being a tad bit of truth in every joke. And many times it is truth we want brought out, but are afraid to really say it honestly. Being a non-confrontative person that can be my trick!! Coward - that is nothing but a coward!

Some of the greatest harm we can do to our men is hurting their self-esteem. So the nagging, disgust, complaining, rejecting, comparing, the "wishing you had more or what someone else had" - all of it speaks to him and it brings him harm. It says to him that he is not good enough, he can not do enough, he can not live up, you wish you had hers, - dog gone-it, he can not cut the mustard! Even the best man, i include the deacon and preacher, if put in the right situation with lack of attention and support will or at least can cave to great failure. A man has to be pumped up and if all we are doing is bringing harm he will go elsewhere to be validated - even if it happens subconsciously! Bring him good, not harm!

Brings - "gamal" - to become ripe, make ripe, to do,perform, accomplish, repay. Can denote doing good or evil. We are going to be bringing him something. Let's try to being him fresh, sweet fruit that is beautifully ripe, and not anything that is old, soured, and overripe! Don't you hate brown bananas!

good - "tub" - to do well, be pleasing. lovely, delightful, joyful, FRUITFUL, kind, cheerful. Bringing him good has much to do with joy. Yes our husband are the ones that we tell everything too, but do we overload him at the wrong times. We are to bring him joy and be a joy. There are times that I want to spill everything to Clay and he just can not take another thing in. I have had to learn it is not that he is rejecting me he just can not take another thing in! I think a lot of guys are like that - especially after work. They need to decompress. Be a joy and bring them joy - do them good!

harm - "ra" - to do evil, be wicked, evil in thought or action, harmful, unpleasant... Wow, that is quite a contrast. I think of evil as very, very bad things.... much worse than unpleasant. But doing harm to the husband when you get to the root of the motivation like in the jokes i talked about earlier it can be very, very evil!! And i love that it explained it could be in thought or action. Many times what we allow to go on in our brain is worse for our husbands than the truth spoken out. We conjure up things that have not happen, but we are sure did. Or at least what he was thinking. So we harm him in our minds and it effects they way we treat him next time we see him or talk to him! Oh Lord, help me to do good!!!

days of her life - that is exactly what you expect. her lifetime, but specifically it can mean a sphere of time or section of time in her life. No, matter what phase of life we find ourselves still we are to bring good and not harm!!

Thank you Father for a wonderful day. Help me to be more kind to my kids when i am so tired. May they not get the brunt of my exhaustion. May I bring them joy and good not harm as well. You are knocking my socks off and if you happen to wear some I hope that I can do the same for You by having a pleasing heart and right actions!! I love you my Lord!!


Dori said...

Good word this morning, girl -- a very good word.

I believe the I needed to hear most was about being a joy to our husbands. I have a sweet, patient, attentive husband. But I wonder how many times I just burden and burden him with all "my troubles." There is an entitlement trap we can fall into if we say, "Well, I've been with the kids all day. He needs to come home and listen to me!!" Whew! Can you imagine if we had to come home to something like that everyday?

Great reminders....

2 days - 2 glorious days!!!!

Love ya, friend!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Wow, were you in our car this past weekend?!!! We both made sly little jokes like that with each other, now I'm realizing that I need to watch those words! Thanks for that reminder. I've read that verse several times and never slowed down to digest it.

Praying that the purses sell, sell, sell!! In fact, if it's alright, I'm going to to link to your page in my next blog. Right now, I can't buy anything, but I sure can encourage my bloggin' sista's too!

Anticipating Him,

Robin said...

We've had a lot going on lately, and my prayer is that I would be tenderhearted towards my husband. It's too easy to focus on what only I, or we as a couple going on and forget he has a whole work world to focus on as well.

Good thoughts.

Melissa May said...

Hi Leigh... I hope many of Boomama's fans click on your blog title and read some of your blogging. :) I always enjoy it and am blessed by it and I know they will be too. Lord, direct the ones that need it to check out the rest of her blog so they can see Leigh's heart for You is even more beautiful than the purses! Because YOUR heart shines through hers. :) (And I wish I could come to your aerobics class!!!) Bless you sister!

Kelly said...

Amen! God brought this verse to my attention a few months ago, and really spoke to me about the "all the time" part. Wow! I needed to hear it, and He obviously knew
it:-) I pray each day to bless and not harm, in any way, my husband. isn't God so good to give us His wonderful Word?!