Thursday, September 13, 2007

431 - Vigor the Tigger

Holy Father, I know your Word says that we don't wrestle with flesh and blood, but I don't know who else i was wrestling with when the alarm clock went off. Oh, there was a pull on my head to stay put. The weather has really cooled off here and so it is quite chilly in the mornings. My body was screaming - nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo - it is harsh and cold out there. Stay here in the snuggly and warm!! Only You could help me to deny those "callings" and continue on. Sure seemed like my own flesh and blood, but I guess even the "defeated one" has a role in me wanting me to not seek Your face first thing!! Oh Lord - praise you even more!

Proverbs 31: 17 "She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks."

Lord Jesus, i am not sure what it is about big cities, but workers at Wal-mart hate their jobs. It seems like there are 500 million other places to work in a big city and if they hate it so bad they could work somewhere why do they stay if they hate it so bad??? What is it?? People at Target do not act that way most of the time. There is no vigor in their hands at all. Mad to help you, mad to be there, mad if you ask a question, mad if you come to their line, mad, mad, mad. I dodge Wal-mart at all costs if i have to in a big city because of this. Certainly no vigor in their hands!

Last May I HAD to go on a business trip with my husband for 10 days on a "boat" to Greece. It was rough and I will have to do it again this coming May, but this time we HAVE to go to Venice, Croatia, and few other little places. Anyway, as we walked down the streets of Greece you could find all kind of little old ladies it seemed working vigorously with their hands trying to produce something that we foreigners would buy. This was hard work it and they seemed to be stuck in a chair "doing their thang". I remember thinking how vigorous they were and not really complaining - well, you know i couldn't understand them though! But there was just something about them........... strong, vigorous, proud, willing, just gotta do it kind of thing!

The first thing I see about this scripture is that "she sets". There are no transliteral words for me to look up today - I am not sure why.... But "she sets". To me that means that she knows about her business or her tasks at hand. She seems somewhat organized and knows what the day holds. Lord Jesus you allowed me at a very early age to be involved in many, many activities. I had to learn early to use a calendar - i think before I had a purse. I just have always been this way. Lord, I understand that you want me to be organized and know what the day ahead is possibly going to look like. Your Words says that man plans the day, but You direct the day and call the shots - yes, those are my words. I think you have given us the responsibility and privilege of planing out the day, but You have the authority and sovereignty to make changes, big or small. I am responsible to "set", and I thank you for entrusting that to me. All the more reason to stay before You face down and in the Word!

There certainly is time for those minutes to rest, but I think it probably is a little less than we think. Proverbs also speaks about idleness and it only brings trouble or in my case food to my mouth! I am a bored eater! All this reminds me of my grandmother - my dad's mom. She was always working vigorously with her hands. She would no more finish one meal that she had not already started the next. When it was finally a break, the afternoon when Granddaddy would go rest his eyes, she would then do a few things for herself - paint her beautiful nails, fold some clothes, look at a magazine, water her plants and love on her African Violets, or sew a hem....................but even those things were done with vigor. Lord, in my day, do I work with vigor? I know I am in a different stage and some times my vigor looks like holding a baby in a swing, reading a book to little ears, coloring a picture for daddy...........nevertheless it is vigorous. I hope! When I am at work it is easy to be vigorous - I like to stay busy and do a good job. I like to stay on top of things.

"her arms are strong for her tasks" Boy, do I like that statement. "Her arms" - not someone else, but hers!! "are strong for her tasks" - once again "her" tasks! Even and especially in our work that we are suppose to be vigor about, God has a plan. He has a special plan that my arms are strong enough for and for my specific tasks! I am so guilty of wanting to try someone else's plans or tasks. But Lord, I hear You loud and clear. You have made special tasks for me that I will be strong for that are once again, for me!!!! When I try to be someone else or do another's tasks - that is where I get overwhelmed and frustrated. Oh I love this!! I see so many people everyday and wonder how do they do it all. God has made them strong for their tasks at hand. There have been times even in my own life when I look back and wonder how I did all that. But as Aaron and Hur helped hold up Moses arms for the task at hand, HE has helped me be strong for my specific tasks.

This morning the Lord Jesus, you have helped me to be vigorous and strong about meeting with you when I wanted to get back in bed and snooze. Would it have done any of us any good? NOPE. and more than anything I would have missed my opportunity to learn this verse and hear You say you love me in this quiet moment in this house!! Oh Lord - it is only You!! Only you are worth getting up to meet with. Only you could have given me that extra nudge to get out of the bed. Only You could speak so gingerly to my soul. Only you could have been so faithful to meet me here. Only you could have placed this longing in my heart to know you more. Only you could have given me a desire to truly know you!!! There are many tasks at hand today. Help me to be vigorous. Thank you for your love!! My one desire!!

My little home town paper has starting running my devotions once a week in the paper. What an opportunity to share!! But strange at the same time - not knowing who read it and didn't or what they thought or............ you know....... Only weirder is my picture is on the front page, huge, explaining about the new column. (Iguess there was not much esle worthy of printing.) They had asked me to write about how i got started in speaking, etc. and lots of information...............none of that got printed. No problem, just a lot of work - vigorous work. hee hee My husband is still out of town - that will be funny to see him open the paper and tah dah! This is one thing i can honestly say i never dreamed about. Only God!!! I speak again on Sunday to 2 local churches. Aerobics tonight - i have got to find some energy... vigorous energy. PTO meeting at 6:30pm - not sure if i can make that. (Come home, Babe - I miss you, I need you, the team is not the same without you!! I love you, Clay.) Daddy is due home some time tonight and to that I say a huge Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been almost 2 weeks! ugh!


Sarah said...

You have blessed me today.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This so spoke to my heart this morning. I have one sick child who is determined to get a little school done so she doesn't get behind, and another who thinks because big sis is sick we should all get the day off to take care of her! My hands are busy, but you reminded me to stop and spend a little more time with the Father. Maybe He has other plans for me today!

Thank you for blessing me once again!

Nicki said...

HOORAY for you!! That is so awesome you got up WAY early today!! GOOD JOB!! Keep it up!! I start my new weight loss groupy tomorrow! So, I'm sure the running will be soon to follow for least you have that cruise as a huge incentive! Oh how I wish I could come!! Keep going! You're doing great!!

Sharon said...

Way to go girl.
Maybe I need to get back to my early mornings as a sweet sacrifice.
Usually I wait till Julia is on the bus and Paw Paw is taken care of and then I start. But something has been lacking.
Way to go on the newspaper. What an excellent way to spread the word.
I can't imagine my hubby being gone for two weeks.
I guess the cruise will help make up for the missed time. :)

Jackie said...

Thanks for this post- helped me today. Take care and hope your day was great.

Shonda said...

Way to go! I also had to push myself out of bed this morning. Enjoy your weekend with hubby!
Blessings in Christ--

connorcolesmom said...

What a great post. I too am not much of a morning person but when I focus on God my attitude shifts and I am much happier about my tasks at hand.
I am thrilled to hear about you being in the local paper what a neat way God is using you !!
And YIPPEE that your hubby is coming home. Have a wonderful time together as a couple and as a family!
God bless,

Melissa May said...

This was so good... reminds me of what I read in Corinthians yesterday where Paul said he beats his body and makes it his slave... I so struggle with waking up early enough (actually, getting to bed early enough is a big part of the problem!) so what God showed you encourages me too! : ) And now I'm off to bed so I can get up early with Jesus tomorrow! Yay!