Tuesday, October 02, 2007

444 - Idle Idol Worship

Lord Jesus - first of all forgive my laziness yesterday. I hit and kept hitting the snooze button as if i had nothing to do or nowhere to go yesterday morning. You gave me a wonderfully blessed day that I certainly did not deserve. Thank you, Lord. .............. Homecoming was good, but quick. It was not my reunion, my 20th will be in 2011. So my kids got to see my small town, go to the parade, ride around to my different homes, see my high school, and go to the homecoming game. I didn't get to see many people, but saw a few or at least recognized a few. I did get to see my old across the street neighbor. Dave worked for the paper and was just absolutely ate up with tennis like my family was. He made sure in some way that my picture found its way in almost every week. It was great to hear from him - he now travels nationally as a tennis umpire. This was a dream of his and I love hearing about it coming true! ............... Saturday the girls went to a deal that taught them to be a Princess because they are Daughters of the King. They wore gowns, had a tea, study the Bible, talked about taking care of themselves, - it was just wonderful. Faith Blair had invited us - I hope we can do it again next year!

Lord Jesus - I hope I can have the knowledge to get across in words what you have taught me this morning. Yes, it comes from conviction yesterday of not spending time with You. I felt you ask me some questions. 1) Are people overly busy today? 2) Are people doing much of they want to do? 3) If one is not doing what I have called them to do is it useless? 4) But at the same time are more people than ever sitting around doing nothing, being idle? 5) Could being Idle be an Idol????? Wooo, that was loaded! Yes, people are overly busy and doing much of what they want to do - me included. I don't think doing what you have not ultimately called me to is useless. You can make good of my mistakes and poor choices - You are God! I may have consequences, but You can still make good of my sin. And yes I would agree people are sitting around do more and more of what they are wanting or nothing - like I was yesterday. (Don't you hate when you are the example!! Ugh.) Yes, most certainly there is a worship of Idleness. Yikes!!!

I have 2 scriptures You have given me this morning and I find no irony in that they are both directed to women. I know you are speaking to me. Proverbs 31:27 "She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." (I think it is funny that You, Lord, call it "eat bread of idleness". I am a bored eater. I eat when I have nothing else to do and don't even realize it! And I love bread! ha ha) Well, i could not resist - I looked up idleness just to make sure it was what i thought it was - "aslut" - sluggishness and laziness. Yep, that was me yesterday. Oh I just hate it. Forgive me Father! Part of my responsibility as a mom is to watch over the household. In that, my top priority is to meet with the LandLord - if you will. Yesterday I sat and ate the bread of idleness in my bed and neglected my meeting with Him. Jesus, what did I miss?? What jewel did you have for me yesterday? What love note did I not get to read??? Oh Lord, I am so sorry - i neglected You. You would never do that to me - thank you!

1 Timothy 5:13 "They get in the habit of being idle and going about house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying things they ought not to." This passage is where Timothy is talking about young and old widows. He was saying it is better for the young ones to marry because if and when they do become idle and idleness leads to all kind of trouble - gossip, busybody, etc. It goes on to instruct them to do some other things because it will not give the enemy an opportunity to slander. Says that some in fact have already turned away to follow Satan. My focus here is what I feel like You are saying to me is that leading my own life the way i want to (even for a morning of not spending time with You) can lead to some serious sin. Satan can nothing, but slander me, but thank you for being my protector and shield.

Worshipping the god of idleness is no different than worshipping the god of food or spending or any kind of overindulgence. We are conducting ourselves totally in the fleshly realm and that leads to trouble, PERIOD. I am saying I will only follow the ways of my desires and not consider the Lord. I looked up this particular "idle" and it was the same, but more specific. "argos" - not at work, unemployed, inactive, indolent, unprofitable. It's derived from another word meaning - to deactivate, render inoperative, abolish. Oh now that speaks a word. When I give over to the god of idleness I deactivate myself from the Spirit. No, no, no - He never loses His grip on me or anything like that, but I just unplug from the power source if you will, again! And it is the Lord that renders me inoperative. He will not hang out with one that is serving 2 masters and therefore renders me inoperative. Who know, only You oh Lord, what the plans for my life were yesterday. But when I deactivated and unplugged from the power source to sleep some extra minutes You rendered me inactive! Ouch, Lord, I am sorry - I hear you loud and clear.

Lord Jesus, I have known for years what Your expectations are of me and my quiet time. You expect me to meet with you early and first thing. Noon time and evening are not options for me - you have said it over and over. Ps. 5:3 and Is. 50:4-5 are my scripture confirmations! Forgive me for giving into the bread of idleness, and to me what you have revealed this morning, the idol worship of idleness. Forgive me of not respecting Your plans or agenda enough for me yesterday that I passed You by for strength, courage, power, and Spirit refueling that you free give! Lord, I thank you for your convicting words this morning. I thank you for your awesomeness. I thank you for your forgiveness and love. Oh Lord, your mercy and grace are almost too much to bear. You are so great and complete - You complete me! I love you!


Ang baylis said...

I don't want to be idle either and I never thought of that being an idol like you said this morning! Thank you for sharing...

I agree about missing out on my quiet time! We miss out!

Much love,
From the girl who lost her marbles!!! :)
Angie xoxo

Bev Brandon said...

thanks for your sweet words Leigh...

your sovereign God puts His Words in your mouth...Deut 18:18

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. God bless & take care!

jen said...

Leigh my girl! I have not forgotten you. Good grief life has had us busy busy. I am so glad I took the extra time to look at your blog this morning. I love your persepctive and I love that you pour your heart and life into what you write. Very touching to me this morning. Especially the verses about idleness. I have not wanted to do any of my house duties for days now and have done them half-heartedly I'm ashamed to say. So this post really hit home with me today. Good good stuff ma'am!

Given Grace said...

Thank you for bringing this message. Idleness is defintely not honoring. And how true is it that God had something planned for us...and we missed it. Amazing to think of all the blessings we have passed on in our laziness.


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Thank you Leigh for this great message and for your sweet words on my blog!


Fran said...

WOW! That was some awesome scripture...I believe I shall have those before me. But isn't all scripture just so awesome?!

I'm glad you had a good weekend.
Thank you for your posts. They always bless me.

Lisa writes... said...

Hi Leigh...returning your visit...thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. Thanks for the reminder to repent of idle idolatry...Blessings!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Okay, you just stepped all over my toes. Yesterday, I felt so icky, just sick. After the girls finished their schoolwork, we all just plopped in front of the t.v. For two hours...we could have been doing something else. I could have opened the Word and spent that time listening to the Father, but no. I sat and watched a movie.

Thank you for speaking this truth that God had already impressed upon my heart.


Linda said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by 2nd Cup. You know, your question about being overly busy hit me. I'm reading "Too Busy Not to Pray," and guess what--yeah, you guessed it! I need to have more quiet time with the Lord.

Jackie said...

good word today girl..thanks for giving me something to think/pray about!

Maggie said...

Great thoughts. God has had me stuck on the first half of that verse for so long...who knew that the answer lies in the second half!?

Such a balance between times of "release" and rest as ministers...as you are, and being slothful. I think the latter is a habit. I'm so struck right now reading the "law books" how many times God tells the people to "deny themselves and not work on the sabbath and so honor the Lord their God who rested from all his work on the Sabbath".

He even created an entire year for the land to rest!

Sometimes servants of God can work so hard on Sundays, I think they have to pick other times to veg down.

Let me know when you figure that balance out!

Dori said...

Hey girl...
Just thought of you!

I'm at the library working on Believing God -- Week 4, Day 2 and read this quote that challenged me to be aware of the devil's schemes but also made me think of this post:

"I have discovered that if Satan can't get to me with destruction, he will try to get to me with distraction."

Oh goodness, I just have to keep typing the paragraph:

"We have only one turn on this green earth. We will never get to do this again. We cannot do a hundred things to the glory of God, but we can certainly do a few. What you and I need is focus. Day in and day out. Eyes on the goal. In our frenzied lifestyles we are desperate for simplicity: for a hundred things to narrow down to one."

One of the distractions he sends my way is idleness OR busyness. Interesting, huh?

Love and blessings,